What We Learned from The Expanse Season 5 Trailer

Things are about to get intense in the upcoming season 5 of The Expanse since the trailer makes it pretty clear that stakes are going to be raised and humanity will be thrust into yet another war that doesn’t look as though it will be won in a decisive manner. It would appear that just when people think that things have been buttoned up all nice and neat, as neat as they’re going to get, another conflict is bound to come around and make certain that people realize that as the show goes on, there are going to be more and more conflicts that are bound to keep coming since that’s the way of things. But in season 5 the stuff is really going to hit the fan since it looks as though an enemy that the main characters never fully expected is bringing a lot of people to the party and isn’t planning on losing, but ending something while starting something else. From the trailer, it looks as though things are going to be popping off in a big way since already the feeling is that those that are set to defend themselves and others aren’t going to be able to cover everyone, and the enemy isn’t going to be fighting fairly as one might think. The very idea of targeting civilians is enough to get a lot of people riled up since it would mean that there are no boundaries in warfare of any type at that point and that anyone is fair game.

To be serious though, this feels like a giant ‘duh’ moment since in warfare pretty much anyone is fair game no matter that this sounds absolutely horrible and against any code of conduct that has ever been written. But whether it’s on TV or in reality the idea that war doesn’t touch everyone in some way is a hard idea to push since the effects of war touch pretty much everyone at one point or another. The idea of targeting civilians is abhorrent to many people since it means that the attacking force has no regard for the lives of anyone, but then again that kind of feels as though it might be the point since taking out civilians not only shocks the opponent but can serve as a very serious demoralizing act considering that remembering something such as 9/11 and the many upon many civilian casualties that have been lost in times of war and supposed peace makes it clear that while the lives of civilians are indeed valued, they’re not removed from the firing range when it comes to war at any given time. They’re open game to those that have the nerve and the lack of morality to make it happen, but in the effort of doing this what usually happens is that outrage and utter hatred become part of the rallying cry of those that seek to avenge the people that have been killed, or that have been targeted.

The Expanse has been dealing with these kinds of themes since it was first released and the idea that humanity is still a benchmark for the show is kind of amusing considering how far it’s gone and how loose the species appears to be at times. But the fact that ethics and morality are still this strong in a sci-fi series is intriguing since it gives a very human touch that’s still needed and is still greatly appreciated among many people. Season 5 is already shaping up to be something intense and quite exciting just looking at the trailer and it’s easy to think that it’s going to be something that fans will be sitting down to watch or tuning into wherever they can with their streaming devices and headphones. If a person is interested in watching this show but hasn’t seen the first four seasons then it might be time to brush up and see what all the hype is about since Amazon Prime has every season available right now and it might help to really understand the finer points of what’s going on in the show. One thing about season 5 though is that it does sound as though the show will be going on an episode by episode basis and won’t be making the whole season available in order to binge-watch it. That’s a good thing and a bad thing for a lot of people since it keeps fans from watching every episode in a stream and then having to wait so long for the next season, but it also keeps people chomping at the bit to see what happens when the next episode is released.

Thankfully those that watch the show and consider themselves fans are bound to tune in whenever a new episode is released since they want to know what happens. And to be perfectly honest, it’s worth it.

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