What We Learned from the Latest Marvel’s Strange Academy Trailer

Strange Academy

It’s definitely fair to say that the Marvel universe is being shaken up in a very big way since Strange Academy is a comic that is stretching things in a new direction that one can already see is kind of like the X-Men but with much bigger ramifications since there’s never been a magic school in the Marvel universe since magic has usually been kept between a few people or been kept well away from where it could do maximum damage if it was being practiced by more than a few people. Plus, the magic school in this upcoming series is being practiced by KIDS. Think of it, walking hormones with magical powers that could flip and try to solve their own problems at the drop of a hat while unfortunately laying waste to an entire city block or countryside in the process. If that doesn’t get a comic book fan’s creative juices flowing then it’s hard to say what will after that. Magic users aren’t a new thing in the Marvel universe of course and even children using magic aren’t new to Marvel, but a school filled with young magic users that need a lot of help in honing their abilities and in learning how to balance the power that they have is going to be something that will be kind of challenging to write since, being realistic, kids with powers they don’t fully understand are even more dangerous at times than adults with powers that they’ve learned to control.

Doctor Strange, Magik, Scarlet Witch, and several other magic users will be showing up throughout the comic obviously but it does sound as though their appearances are going to be kept to a minimum since the whole point of the series is about the school and the kids that are being mentored in order to control their more destructive tendencies. There’s an illegitimate son of Dormammu in the school for crying out loud, so that kind of sets the whole tone for the school being all about how to control and learn how to balance the kids’ abilities. George Marston of Newsarama has more to say about the series. Plus, the idea that something dangerous enough to warrant training kids is coming to the Marvel universe is another reason that this series could be a real page-turner since if this many magic users are required to learn and study at a school that’s specifically designed to keep them under control and allow them to harness their own abilities. What that ‘something’ could be though is bound to be recognized by avid readers of the series and of the current Marvel comics.

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up a comic book but it’s obvious that the artwork and the story lines have changed quite a bit in that amount of time (Infinity Gauntlet series, yes I’m that old) but it’s also nice to see that things have progressed in a way that’s managed to keep the overall integrity of Marvel comics alive and well. Things have changed in a big way, as they tend to do, but this idea could be something that might be one of the more positive forward movements since throughout the Marvel universe there are likely to be an untold number of gifted and magically-inclined characters that would need the help of those that have been there, done that, and saved the world on a few occasions while learning how to handle their own abilities in the process and grow even stronger with their magical talents. It’s great that the teachers of this school are going to include a few of those that are among the strongest magic-users in the Marvel universe, but as it was already mentioned they’re going to be less of a presence than the kids will since this is after all the kids’ story and will focus primarily on them. It’s bound to be kind of different for a lot of readers who might be expecting to see more of Doctor Strange, whose popularity has risen quite a bit in previous years since his appearance on the big screen, but again, he’ll be shown in a limited capacity. Brittany Bowes of Narcity has a different take on the series it would appear.

It is a good thing really since focusing on the new characters is going to be the key, or at least one of the keys, to getting this series off the ground and to keeping people interested enough to continue reading. Magic in the Marvel universe has usually been a great source of entertainment for readers and has managed to create a great level of interest since there are so many avenues that can be covered with its use, and there are also plenty of characters that can be used for crossovers when the time comes. Hopefully this series will be a big hit and hopefully it will manage to stick around for a while.

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