What we Learned from the New Dune Trailer

One thing we’ve already learned from the Dune trailer is that it’s going to be filled with talent since Timothee Chalamet and many others will be taking on the roles that a lot of us have enjoyed throughout the history of the story while Zendaya will be there as well. It’s easy to point out Dave Bautista, Jason Momoa, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgard, Oscar Isaac, and Rebecca Ferguson right away, but it’s easy to think that there will be many more that will reveal themselves as the movie gets closer to a release. Many fans already know the story and have likely seen a couple of different versions at some point, but so far this movie looks like nothing less than a visual masterpiece as the effects are already piling up to deliver a serious punch to the senses that might be able to perk up what’s left of 2020 as it’s slated to come out in mid to late December. Seeing as how the Denis Villeneuve is looking to bring the book back to life in a big way it feels as though this movie could go either way at this point, since being too optimistic is a bad idea at times considering that raising one’s expectations too high can create a serious issue. Of course, if we don’t expect anything then it’s likely that we’ll be blown away or underwhelmed by what appears on the screen. The big hope of course is that it’s going to be just as good as it looks so far, and right now, it’s a whole lot of wow.

The sandworm is what looks like one of the best reveals so far even though the actors that are being used for this movie are a great ensemble, as the giant creatures of Arrakis are simply massive and needed to be given the kind of attention that would really make them show up as something impressive. It does appear that Villeneuve has done everything he can to make everything appear as dire and as gritty as possible, which is perfect since the story of Dune is one that carries a very serious feel as there are houses going to war and a planet that hangs in the balance thanks to the precious spice that essentially runs the empire. If anyone remembers, it’s the spice that so many people in the universe are after since it’s one of the most potent substances around and it’s responsible for the shift of power throughout the story. As of right now, this does look like the hero’s journey that people are hoping for, but the warfare that’s been filmed is also looking impressive and should do the story proud since it gives off a feeling of desperation and dire consequences that are already making the movie appear to be something that will be a nailbiter from start to finish. The last two versions of this movie weren’t exactly well-received, but one has to remember that the casting choice wasn’t always the best for the second time around and somehow, despite the great cast that the first movie had, it just didn’t connect with the audience.

Many people have been hoping for a great version of Dune in the last decade or so since the story by Frank Herbert is one that still has a legion of fans that have read every book and studied everything they can get their hands on. One of the biggest hopes is that this movie will do well enough that a sequel will be considered if it isn’t being thought up already. But until the fan reaction is seen it’s bound to happen that we’ll have to wait in order to find out if anyone is interested in seeing another movie. The fact is that Dune has several books to it, but one might remember that Paul Atreides doesn’t make it into more than a couple. Once the main characters are gone it feels accurate to say that people might lose interest just a bit since they want to see the people that started it off, not those that they’re left with. But again, we’ll have to wait and see what happens since as of now just waiting to see the first movie is going to be kind of torturous given what it looks like already. It’s a bit cynical, but we’ve all seen just what happens when we think there’s a great cast and a great trailer. Sometimes the story is a bit less than what we were expecting, or the acting isn’t quite up to par thanks to the dialogue. Again, it’s a hope that this won’t happen since right now it does look as though Dune is going to be one of the biggest movies of the year, and rightfully so.

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