What We Learned from The New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer

It’s kind of hard to believe that at one point Ahsoka Tano was considered to be a lesser character that was just plopped into the Star Wars story line, especially since when it comes to the Clone Wars she became such an important part. In this Clone Wars trailer it’s become more than a little obvious that Ahsoka is going to be a big part of the story and her return is going to shake things up a bit. As much as that might happen though it’s also pretty easy to see that she’s not going to be going back to using the Force as much as she was used to, as it almost looks as though she’d prefer not to talk about her recent past and what it means to her. Given how she parted ways with the Jedi Order it’s easy to think that she’s still pretty hurt and doesn’t want to say much to anyone, particularly those that might not care that much about the Jedi. What’s really interesting about the prequels and the Clone Wars is the insight it’s given a lot of people into the Jedi and how their way of life is not nearly as perfect as so many might have once believed. While the monastic order of monk-like warriors is indeed a group that is bound to serve and protect, they’re not beholden to the Galactic Republic, or aren’t supposed to be at least, even though they serve at the behest of that same Republic. It’s a confusing mess that even the characters appear to have trouble figuring out at times.

When Ahsoka was framed for a crime she didn’t commit however by a fellow padawan her faith in the order was shaken so badly that even after being exonerated, walking away was the only option she felt that she had left. But from her time in Rebels it’s easy to surmise that she didn’t sit idly by after her departure, as doing so might have sounded like a good option, but it just wouldn’t be Ahsoka. Instead it’s looking as though she returned to doing what she was best at, which was helping people as much as she could and being the hero even if she has to bend a few rules to do it. One might think that Anakin would come looking for her just to explain things and smooth them over, but then again, Anakin had his own issues at this point and it would require a great deal of explaining if the story is to maintain any of its continuity. For all intents and purposes, Ahsoka was on her own at this point and made her own choices without any interference from the Jedi, or so it would appear at this moment. Cat Wyatt of Screenrant can relate a few things that Ahsoka was up to during her travels.

As I said, the Clone Wars saga has really made it possible to look at the Jedi from a different angle, and to insure that we won’t be looking at them as mere saviors any longer in the years to come since they’re a bit more complex than that. The Sith appear to be evil in most ways, though the fall of Darth Maul in Rebels is hard not to look upon as a possible turning point in how we think about any Force-user. It’s easy enough now to think that the power that such individuals have access to can warp their minds and make some of them believe that power is its own justification as they attempt to forge their own path through history. Ahsoka though is a character that definitely knows how to practice restraint, even if she doesn’t always do it. From her first days with Anakin Skywalker as her master to the moment she faced down Darth Vader she’s been an impulsive and very headstrong individual, though training and a good deal of life experience has taught her how to curb those otherwise destructive tendencies. As the Clone Wars and Rebels have both shown, Ahsoka is much more than the fiery, quick-witted Jedi that she started out as, and became a highly-valued asset to the order as she progressed. If not for their inability to see past the subterfuge of her fellow padawan it might have been that Ahsoka would have stayed with the order, though of course it’s hard to say considering how many Jedi became disillusioned with their place in the war before Order 66 came about.

All in all it’s always good to see Ahsoka since she’s one of the most well-liked characters on the show and she brings a great deal of presence to the Clone Wars in that she’s not a gung-ho character, though she’s not the type to lay back and just wait for the moment to act. In other words she’s a healthy balance of action and drama that a lot of fans appreciate.

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