What We Learned From the New Westworld Season 3 Trailer


So we already know that Westworld is heading out of the park at this point, that was made clear in the trailers that have thus far been leading up to the next season. Things in the park have gone haywire, and the escape is something that one can’t help but think will expose everything at some point, while causing a great deal of havoc with very little real effort. It’s already been established that the park is absolutely massive, but there are equally massive problems since the hosts were beginning to act in an erratic manner and were becoming more and more self-aware. Unfortunately this did mean that were treated to a great deal of existentialism that many people should have been able to see coming given the nature of the show. But with that in mind the action that the show has delivered on has been insane as well as intriguing since honestly we keep getting the feeling that we’re going to see the same people again and again until the story has no more use for them. At this time the show is thankfully moving onward and will be seeking out a new venue to use for the uprising, if in fact that is still happening, and this trailer seems to indicate that another big player is going to be entering the game.

Thus far we do know that the next season is coming in 2020, and it will feature a few new faces to the series such as Aaron Paul, Vincent Cassel, Scott Mescudi, and Marshawn Lynch. Yep, the former NFL star will apparently be finding his way onto the series at some point, though as of now it’s unknown if he’s going to be a main or recurring character. Dolores, played by Evan Rachel Wood, will be returning, as will Thandie Newton, Tessa Thompson, Ed Harris, and Jeffrey Wright. There are a few others that will be rejoining the cast, but thanks to the time jumps and the various acts that have been committed at different times some characters won’t be making it back. James Marsden won’t likely be back since his story arc was concluded for the most part and the character of Teddy never seemed all that crucial. Whether Anthony Hopkins might come back is a decent question but it doesn’t seem likely as his arc too seems to have concluded, but there are always possibilities. One of the greatest parts about this show however is that despite the very reality that Dolores and the other hosts have lived in and enacted for so long, the question of their humanity and the humanity of those that have interacted with them is still poignant since one has to remember that the park has been host to a good number of people that have been looking for a good time. Taking that same experience out into the real world, after the hosts have learned so much about their place in their own world, is going to be revolutionary in a way that seems to indicate that things are about to take a very sharp turn into the type of madness that could make those within the show question the reality and the morality of the world in which they exist.

One of the few downsides of this show is that it is fairly easy to lose track and to get tripped up on the small details that are included in so many of the episodes. The cerebral nature of the program is a bit intimidating to some folks that watch just to see action and drama unfold without all the technical details and minutiae that have been injected into nearly every minute of the program. If one can get past all the technical jargon and deep, philosophical ideas then it becomes a very well-constructed and intricately laid out symphony in which every character has their part, no matter how minor or major that might be. Bringing this out into the real world is bound to change that symphony into an overwhelming chorus of sound and unintelligible noise that is going to overwhelm new viewers at first and possibly force those that have watched the first two seasons to retrace their steps just so they don’t get lost within the first episode or two. Bryan Bishop of The Verge has more to say on this subject if you’re interested. Brushing up on the first two seasons would actually be a good idea for those that have or haven’t watched the show just to gain or maintain a better understanding of what’s come along and what is currently happening so that one can learn what to expect. Things in Westworld have broken down in a big way and the status quo has been changing since day one. But how that’s going to affect the real world has yet to be seen. So who else can’t wait for the next season to start?

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