What We Learned from The Trailer for Lucifer Season 6

For all that’s shown in the trailer for the final season of Lucifer it does sound as though those involved are still keeping a few secrets close to the vest. For the past five seasons, things have been building up to a finale, even though plenty of fans would rather see the show keep going given that the nature of the main character doesn’t always involve giving up the fight when things get rough. But if there’s anything to take from the trailer it’s that things are going to keep happening that even Lucifer won’t see coming and as anyone could guess, this can take a toll on pretty much anyone, even the famed devil of Christianity. Also, given that the show has played fast and loose with the supposed facts of this character for so long it’s not too hard to think that things were bound to roll out of control at one point and need to reach a conclusion of some sort. Many fans are still hopeful that the show will come back in some way or manage to buck the trend and deny its own ending, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Unless those that are in charge and those that are actually in the show are lying to our faces, and there have been cases when that might happen, but it doesn’t feel like it now, Lucifer is wrapping up after season 6. It was a valiant effort that kept the show around for another season, but whatever influence and desire made this happen isn’t bound to save Lucifer from wrapping up this tale when the final credits start to roll. It’s definitely possible that somewhere down the line the idea of this show will return, but it feels as though it will happen with other actors and likely a different crew entirely.

It’s commendable that people love this show and wanted to save it for another season, but at the same time, shows have to end eventually, even if some of the longer-running shows are bucking that trend and hanging on for what is starting to feel like an unneeded number of seasons. Some stories can get away with this for various reasons, while others kind of need to recognize when it’s time to hang it up and call it good. Lucifer is a well-told and engaging story, but it’s also one of those that can get a bit redundant after a while unless someone is willing to pull the trigger and really dig into the story in a manner that might actually offend some people while exciting many more in the telling. The lore behind this character and the material that’s there to be used is hard to truly fathom since when talking about legendary and mythical characters one can’t help but think that humans are only bound by how far their imagination can go. Going further into the mythology of Lucifer would no doubt add to his story and make it possible to keep this guy around for years to come. But the marketability and the likelihood that fans would stick around are factors that need to be brought into question.

One question that remains the same when fans band together to save any show is ‘where were they when the ratings were down?’. It’s not exactly pertinent to the moment, but it’s still a good question since one has to wonder how fans can be outraged or concerned that a show is getting canceled or being wrapped up when the ratings are in the toilet. At that point, it does make fans look like spoiled children that have too many toys to play with but aren’t willing to give up one toy that they haven’t seen in a long time simply because it’s theirs. In any case, Lucifer is going to conclude after season 6 by all reports so it would appear that the show is pulling out all the stops and is simply going to go for everything it can while attempting to give fans the best finale possible. How that’s going to be received is up to the fans that have stuck around for so long. There’s not much doubt that people will enjoy it, but it’s easy to already hear people trying to save the show again.

I’ve been saying that the story stops but never ends for a while and it’s still true since the idea that a story simply ends when the credits roll is what a lot of people believe in, but the story is always there, just waiting to be picked up again. It might be a while before Lucifer is ever seen again, but it does feel like this won’t be an idea that sits still for good since too many people might have an idea of what to do with it.

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