What Will The MCU Do With The X-Men?

A lot of people are likely thinking, wondering, hoping, and even possibly dreading the idea of what the MCU is going to do to the X-Men now that Disney has taken over Fox and their properties. It’s natural to assume that the MCU is going to want to do things their way since one look at how they’ve handled the Marvel heroes they’ve had for over a decade is enough to think that they’re not going to conform to every little thing that makes the X-Men who they are. It could mean that origin stories might be on the way, or that the team will be all formed and ready to go when Kevin Feige and the rest of them are ready to finally unveil their plans for the group and where they’ll fit in. It’s bound to be this way with the Fantastic Four and a few other heroes and villains as well since anything Fox had, most of it anyway, is likely coming over and won’t be immediately scrapped. One can only hope though that one of the greatest teams ever created will be given their due respect since let’s face it, the X-Men and the Avengers have been two of the greatest groups to ever grace the pages of Marvel for decades now.

If one looks back in the annals of Marvel comics they’ll see that the X-Men and the Avengers have clashed and worked together multiple times in the past as a means of combining forces to stop a greater threat. It’s true that the Avengers, as the Ultimates, have been seen to trump the X-Men, which is kind of ridiculous in a way but definitely believable, but overall the X-Men are seen as a little more gifted than a lot of the Avengers. It does seem that it will come down to what the MCU wants to do with the X-Men and how they’ll plan on using them. There are a few things that are kind of obvious at this point, and that is that Hugh Jackman won’t be coming back as Wolverine, at least not in a big way if at all, it’s a good bet that there will be new actors for a few parts, and the story lines that have already been laid down might be ripped up and torn to pieces in favor of creating something different.

There are story lines that haven’t been explored yet, some that came before the Infinity Gauntlet and some that came after. And even introducing the X-Men by pitting them against the current Avengers might seem like a good way to move into the next phase. The sad part is that Feige doesn’t seem to be optimistic about it, and story lines such as Planet Hulk don’t seem to be possible unless a great deal of work was done to make it feasible, since Bruce Banner and the Hulk have already merged and are pretty much copacetic at this point, more’s the pity. But the Evolutionary War, Secret Wars, the Onslaught saga, and many other story lines could possibly work. Even a Civil War 2 might be possible since the inclusion of the X-Men might make it worth it to at least think about this idea.

Thinking about it now, the X-Men also come with an entire host of their own enemies that have been crossed over and fought other heroes, a good example being the Juggernaut that showed up in a more faithful representation in Deadpool 2. Their enemies are even based in deeper parts of the universe as well, which could bring Captain Marvel into the mix. And there have been dealings with other heroes as well that are currently on the roster, such as Black Panther, who married Storm at one point and had a serious tiff with Wolverine. Then there’s the idea that the story lines for the X-Men themselves are rich and engaging with plenty of material to go with since their comics are so diverse. From Mr. Sinister to Apocalypse to the Brood to various other enemies that exist in numbers great enough to keep the movies going indefinitely, the X-Men are a boon to the MCU that needs to be handled in a way that sticks closer to the source material than has been done before, since their stories are incredibly diverse and would no doubt be quite popular with a lot of people.

Whether or not we’re going to see them in the days to come is hard to say since Kevin Feige seems pretty adamant that they’re not ready to take on the X-Men, but one good thing to keep in mind is that when they do show up it’s likely that they’re going to enhance the MCU in a big and very noticeable way. Who will play which character is hard to say at this point, but we can only hope that they’ll pay attention to the source material a little closer this time around.

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