What Would An Avengers vs. Justice League Movie Really Be Like?

Every comic book fan out there wants to know the answer to the big question: What would a battle between the Avengers and the Justice League be like? In one word, I could only say that it would be epic. Like, very epic. But as comic book fans, we’d like to know which superhero team would emerge the victor? Man, talk about a hard choice. We already got a taste of what that battle would be like in comic book form. The limited series was called JLA/Avengers and it ran from September 2003 to March 2004. It involved a lot of fighting, then bickering, then both teams joined forces to fight for the greater good. The biggest heroes of Marvel and DC got to meet each other and fought against and alongside each other. If that doesn’t get you going, then I don’t know what will.

Well, there might actually be one thing that will. We already got the Avengers vs. Justice League comic, so how about the movie? First of all, yes, that sounds astronomically ambitious. Then again, I remember a time where I thought a movie where the biggest Marvel heroes coming together was just a pipe dream. Sure, I wanted to happen, like really bad, but that was the little kid in me dreaming big. Well, then the Avengers movie happened and that’s when I learned to trust the little kid in me who believed in pipe dreams.

After the first Avengers movie, I believed that Marvel would only get bigger from there. Just when they couldn’t play off my dreams any further, they gave all comic book fans Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. If those movies didn’t show you how ambitious superhero movies can get, then maybe they can go bigger.

How about an Avengers vs. Justice League movie? That would be the mother load of ambitious ideas for superhero movies. We comic book fans would go completely insane for this movie to happen, but can it realistically happen? I would like to think so, but it would require Disney and Warner Bros. to collaborate. Both companies would have to talk about money, their actor’s contracts, and how it would affect their franchises, so there’s a lot for them to consider. As I said, it’s an ambitious project, perhaps a little too ambitious, but it’s one that fans would love to see.

I’m going to keep speaking as a fan of comic book movies and say let’s put that all aside for one second and geek out. An Avengers vs. Justice League movie would be the most epic thing ever. So if we do get it, what would the movie really be like?

Let’s begin with the obvious. For a movie like that, we’ll need to see some seriously awesome action scenes. As a lifelong comic book fan, I always wanted to see all members of both teams take each other on. Both teams have a member that reflect one another and it would be super cool to see who would win in a fight between them.

For example, the Justice League has The Flash and the Avengers have Quicksilver. They’re both speedsters, which makes them the perfect Marvel/DC mirror match. Would it come down to how fast the two heroes are or does The Flash’s connection to the Speed Force give him an advantage?

Why don’t we talk about another Marvel/DC mirror match? Marvel has one archer, aka Hawkeye, and DC has an archer of their own, aka Green Arrow. Both heroes can shoot many arrows at uncanny speed, use all kinds of trick arrows, and are highly skilled martial artists. Seeing them shoot their trick arrows at each other would be fun enough, but they would eventually go hand-to-hand. Who’s the better archer between Hawkeye and Green Arrow? Every comic book fans wants to know that.

But the battle between the Avengers and the Justice League doesn’t just have to be total mirror matches. If this movie is going to happen, we have to pit the big fishes of both teams against each other. Just like the JLA/Avengers comic, I’d like to see Batman fight Captain America. In the case of the movie, it would be Ben Affleck’s Batman vs. Chris Evans’ Cap. It’s fitting match, since they’re both prominent leaders of their teams and they’re both among the best martial artist in their universes. In the comic, they fight to a standstill, but Batman eventually saves him from drowning.

Who would win that fight if they were to really go at it? If they went hand-to-hand, Cap has an advantage because he has a shield and he’s enhanced by the super soldier serum. However, any Batman fan knows that he has experience fighting people who are enhanced by some kind of serum (Bane, Deathstroke) and he has defeated them. Cap could probably take him hand-to-hand, but Batman has his gadgets. If fighting with this fists doesn’t work, Batman always has his gadgets.

Speaking of gadgets, maybe Iron Man can fly in and pit his weaponry against Batman’s gadgets. It would be the fight of the billionaire playboys who have no powers, but have lots of advanced weaponry. When the fight is over and the teams make peace, Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark and Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne can talk about how rich they are and even flex their possessions to each other. Most people would be impressed by the Iron Man armor, but Batman would probably brush it off as another piece of machinery. That certainly wouldn’t sit well with Tony.

As for the rest of the big members of the Avengers and the Justice League, which Avenger could possibly take on Superman? The first choice would have to be the Hulk, who is very similar to the Superman villain, Doomsday. Doomsday did kill Superman, but Superman was also able to kill him. The conscience of Bruce Banner would stop the Hulk from killing Superman, so I think Supes would emerge the victor in that fight.

How about Chris Hemsworth’s Thor against Henry Cavill’s Superman? Thor is a literal god and Superman is, well, Superman. The most exciting thing about that fight would be Cavill’s Superman catching Thor’s hammer and seeing the shock on Thor’s face. Superman is powerful, but he’s the most moral hero around. He would most definitely be worthy to pick up Thor’s hammer. That could be the moment when Thor realizes that Superman and the Justice League are not the bad guys. After that, Thor would be most curious about Superman and try to discover why he’s worthy.

But you know who would give Chris Hemsworth’s Thor a good fight? I vote Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. They’re both immortal warriors who have spent centuries fighting all kinds of creatures and they’re both descendants of actual god kings. Thor is the God of Thunder, but Wonder Woman was born to be the God Killer. Thor would probably get a kick out of a superpowered female who can go toe-to-toe with him and when the fight is over, he’d probably try to get to know her more. Wonder Woman can talk to him about the Amazons and she’ll probably know a lot about Norse mythology. This could stun Thor and he’ll be happy that he finally found an equal. A fight between them would be cool enough, but watching a conversation between them would actually be funner.

While these two superhero teams would start out as enemies, they’d have to band together to fight a common enemy. After the fighting, the tension would still be there. They won’t like fighting with each other, but they’re heroes. They understand the importance of fighting with people they don’t like in order to save the world. In the end, they could probably become friends. Seeing that semi-friendly bickering, however, would be really fun to watch.

So who would they all fight in the end? I’m guessing a major villain from both Marvel and DC. It could be Kang the Conqueror and Darkseid, or Galactus and Dormammu. If I had to pick, I’d say a villain who would be responsible for merging their two universes together. That could be Kang, or it could be Reverse-Flash, but honestly, the list of possibilities is endless. What we want to see most, however, are the Avengers and the Justice League duke it out and then join forces. And when that money shot of them standing together as one, giant superhero team happens, we fans won’t be able to contain ourselves.

What are your thoughts, fans of Marvel and DC? For this movie to happen, Disney and Warner Bros. will have to jump through some big hoops, but you know what? We should never say never. Avengers vs. Justice League is something we all want and NEED to see become a reality.

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