Whatever Happened to The Cast of “Monster Squad?”

It’s been 30 years since the Monster Squad first came out. Can you even imagine where the cast might be now and what they might be doing? A lot of people won’t even remember this film largely because it was kind of a flop and something that only kids would really love and understand. It didn’t have the classic movie magic or effects that a lot of people are used to nowadays. But that was the charm. That was the reason it was so great, because CGI wasn’t a big thing yet, and the special effects that are so horribly overdone in other films wasn’t relied upon in this kid-friendly monster-fest.

But where did the cast end up after all this time?

Sean Crenshaw – Andrew Gower

Gower was the main protagonist of the show and the leader of the Monster Squad. To date he’s been involve in shows such as Knight Rider, My Two Dads, and Night Court. His movie career never really took off, but he is at this moment an acting coach.

Patrick – Robby Kiger

As Patrick he was Sean’s right-hand man and best friend. After the film however he didn’t do a lot of acting. But he does show up now and again at horror conventions to sign autographs for fans that still remember the film.

Rudy – Ryan Lambert

Lambert played the tough guy of the group who smoked and was generally just the coolest one of the bunch. He as also in the hit show Kids Incorporated for a while. He hasn’t done any real acting since but has delved into his musical side. To date he has been the lead singer for two different bands.

Eugene – Michael Faustino

He was the youngest of the bunch and had a beagle named Pete. Faustino actually got to spend a few episodes on his big brother’s show, Married with Children. He was also in Blank Check and Suburban Commando. Faustino left acting for good in 1996.

Phoebe Crenshaw – Ashley Bank

Phoebe is Sean’s little sister and after befriending Frankenstein’s monster and proving she’s as tough as the boys is allowed to join the club. After this film Ashley was seen in guest appearances on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Frasier. She took a long break before appearing on such shows as Paranormal and Burbank.

Frankenstein’s Monster – Tom Noonan

Noonan was already well-established before his role as the monster, but went on to do quite a bit afterwards. He’s appeared in Hell on Wheels, Last Action Hero, and the Blacklist to name a few.

E.J. – Jason Hervey

Hervey was the bully in the movie. Only a year after his role he landed his most notable spot in The Wonder Years as Wayne Arnold. A while after that he went on to become the executive producer of WCW before it was shut down in 2001.

So there’s been some success and some quiet years for many of the cast, but one thing is certain. They’ll likely never forget their time spent as The Monster Squad. At least the fans won’t.

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