Whatever Happened to Riki Lindhome?

Wondering what happened to Riki Lindhome isn’t too much of a stretch since she doesn’t appear as often as you would think, or at least as often as her filmography seems to indicate. In truth she is around and still does act but it’s to the point where she does mostly smaller guest roles that have to be paid attention to if you really want to see her. Riki has been in a lot of smaller roles throughout her career and that seems to be what her success has been built on. She’s been a credit to every project she’s been on as her role tends to be that of making others look good and even contributing in a bigger way than her role would suggest, but a lot of the time it kind of seems as though she’s kind of just there and is expected to fill out a role that is kind of vague and undefined. Thankfully she’s up to the challenge since she’s been believable in pretty much everything she does.

Here are a few examples of her work to show you that she does pretty well with what she’s given.

Million Dollar Baby

She had a fairly small part in this film but it was enough to get people to absolutely hate the character. As the sister of the main character she was kind of despicable in a way since she was presented as yet another person that didn’t think that Maggie had what it took to be accepted by anyone or even taken seriously. Her mother was obviously the biggest detractor as Maggie cared what she thought and was trying her best to be a dutiful daughter. But Riki’s character was someone that showed her weakness simply by going along with the idea that mocking and ridiculing her sister was a good idea and something worth doing. In fact just like the rest of the family she was a big reason why Maggie finally had enough of them and kicked them out of her room, a final goodbye after realizing that her family wasn’t going to change and wasn’t going to accept what she’d done with her life. There’s not a lot of explanation as to why Riki’s character is so nasty, but looking at the mother and the family it’s not really needed.

The LEGO Batman Movie

This role had to be kind of fun since Poison Ivy is without a doubt a villain and has for a long time been one of Batman’s most deadly adversaries since she can kill in various ways. This movie however allowed his villains to be quite comical and filled with laughs, much as the hero was. Poison Ivy is a character that tends to be a very seductive villain and as such has a way about her that has to be handled with just enough passion that the character actually becomes believable. Riki kind of took this one to a comfortable level and produced a character that was both acceptable and likable for the film she was in.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

As far as comedy goes Riki has been able to hold her own with some of the most lauded comedians in the business so far and has done pretty well. In truth it seems that so long as your acting is solid enough any actor should be able to stand on screen with a comedian and be able to deliver their lines without too much difficulty. But then there are those times when people get the giggles and it just can’t be helped, so quite honestly the fact that she’s been able to keep a straight face while guest-starring on certain comedic shows either says that she has no sense of humor, which doesn’t really fit with who she is, or that she’s just that good. The latter seems to be the most obvious choice since Riki is pretty good at what she does.

Where she’s gone and what she’s doing is still pretty obvious as she’s been continually busy making her career work and finding roles just like anyone else. It could be that she got lost in the mix and is considered to have fallen off the map simply because she’s not looking for the huge amount of press that some celebrities seem to receive on a daily basis when they sneeze wrong or allow their dog to nip at a child in a restaurant. Okay that might have been kind of specific but you get the point. She hasn’t really gone anywhere and is still around, but it seems more likely that she’s just laying low for the time being and doing what she can to keep moving forward.

That sounds like a reasonable explanation since it keeps up the positive note that she’s doing what she can to stay busy.


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