Whatever Happened to David Chokachi?

When you take a look at David Chokachi, especially in the old red shorts, you’ll probably get the gist that he was a Baywatch actor and you’d be right since he did star on the show for several years and even became a main character after a while. Following that however he ended up becoming someone that was seen in various movies and TV shows that gained a bit of attention but nothing so major as to make him into a household name. Those that worshiped Baywatch might have stuck with him for a while but apart from that it’s fair to say that David has been keeping his career afloat by latching on to whatever project he could and keeping himself busy. Looking at his resume though one can see that this isn’t a bad thing since he’s been able to do just that and remain hooked up in the business to the point that he hasn’t had to worry about finding work all that often. At this point in fact he has a lot of projects that are still in production and are bound to keep him occupied for some time to come. One thing you really can’t accuse the guy of is being one of the stereotypical pretty boys that relied so heavily on his looks that once he started to age things just went south. David has made the acting life work for him and is still doing so today.

On top of that he’s a bright individual with a degree in political science who also did a bit of work for a congressman in the 90s, so he’s been around more than just a movie set in his time. Add to that the fact that he’s a charitable person that cares pretty deeply about several things and you might find that David is a different individual than many. Now in his 50s, David doesn’t appear to be slowing down with his career as the made for TV and straight to DVD movies likely don’t make the big bucks but they are a steady source of income for a veteran actor that just needs the work. Of course with a net worth of $3 million he’s not that bad off really since that kind of money is nothing to sneeze at if a person is living within their means and managing their finances wisely. As far as his career goes there’s not a lot to say that David has done anything but keep the straight and steady course despite having started off his career in the 90s when there was still plenty of a chance to be wild and crazy and gain a reputation for being out of control. Of course just being a part of the Baywatch group didn’t mean that one had to broadcast their every movement and mistake to the world, and David obviously managed to bypass that level of crazy to go do his own thing.

Not every actor that comes on screen, be it the big screen or small, is going to be out of control and hounded by the press to see what new outrage is going to come from their behavior or how extravagant their lives are going to turn out. David was voted as one of the most beautiful people in 1997 and he’s been given attention for various activities, positive activities, that he’s engaged in throughout the years, but apart from that he’s kind of flown under the radar given that good news isn’t always deemed the most newsworthy when it comes to a business that thrives on gossip and anything negative that could possibly be used to inform the people of what’s happening in the lives of celebrities. In this manner it’s definitely a bonus that David appears to have kept his life on the straight and narrow since otherwise it could have been that we would have heard about his life in a lot more detail and with a lot less forgiveness concerning whatever the news media decided to report on. That is unfortunately the usual order of the day, to report on anything and everything that can be deemed as ‘hard-hitting news’ that essentially shines a spotlight on a glaring error that someone has committed. Instead, David has kept his life pretty positive throughout the years and if there has been any tragedy or misstep in his career a lot of people have gone without being informed of it.

It might take watching old episodes of Baywatch to really remember him, but David has been a part of show business now for well over two decades and according to the projects he has on the line it doesn’t appear that he’s ready to call it quits just yet. When you’ve got enough talent to keep working though it’s usually best to do what makes you happy and keeps you paid.

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