Whatever Happened to Dirk Benedict?

Dirk Benedict was actually born Dirk Niewoehner. Supposedly he changed his name after being served eggs benedict shortly before he was supposed to perform and the name stuck obviously. He’s been one of the more popular actors throughout the years and managed to create quite a name for himself by playing some of the most cocky and self-assured characters in Hollywood. For that people tended to either dislike him or like him so well that they wanted to be like him. It’s easy to see where his popularity came from since the characters he played often had a great deal of charisma and despite not being the best-looking man in Hollywood he backed up his bravado with great performances that raised the bar at times and made everyone around him step up their game just a bit. According to his bio he’s still listed as active in the acting industry but it seems like it’s been some time since he’s been seen on camera as far as films and TV go. But the point is that he’s still around and he has been busy with other projects since his biggest roles in TV.

When he was younger though he was considered to be quite a find.


Mad scientists come up with the kookiest ideas sometimes in the name of science, but this one has to have taken the cake for many people since the whole idea is to turn humans into reptiles so as to avoid the impending doom that humanity is bringing upon itself. Just imagine a world with an abundance of snake/human hybrids, it’d be like something out of D&D only without the magic. But the film is kind of terrifying for its time since the effects were kind of interesting and the acting by Benedict was rather good as he underwent the painful transformation from man to snake. By the end he’d fully transformed and was seen fighting a mongoose, though it was never showed what finally happened as the movie cut to black shortly after this confrontation had started. The idea of it though was simply horrifying since the doctor that had changed him was dead and there was nothing that could have been done for him in any case. It seems that transformations such as this are a one-way street.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica was kind of like Benedict’s playground since he was one of the most noted stars of the series. Starbuck was the favorite character of a lot of fans and still is to this day since he was the laid back, cigar-smoking womanizer that was also considered to be a great pilot and a fierce warrior. In many ways he was that one guy that never seemed to take much of anything seriously until it affected him, but he was a steadfast friend and crew member that looked after his own and made sure that he helped out when it was necessary. After BSG moved on without him, at his behest, he had a few choice words to say about the new Starbuck and the fact that she was a woman. It didn’t sit right with him that Kara Thrace was made into the new Starbuck as he’d created a legendary character that he felt shouldn’t have been tampered with. In fact he believed that she should have been a new character rather than a replacement for the character he’d helped bring into the mainstream. He’s calmed down since saying such things but he hasn’t recanted and likely won’t.


Some people liked the new A-Team that came out in 2010 and others didn’t. The characters that they got to play the iconic parts of each man weren’t too bad really since they stuck pretty close to the appearance and the mannerisms of the men that had made the show popular in the first place. Face was a player, Murdock was crazy, B.A. was aggressive and ready to throw down most of the time, and Hannibal was the man with the plan. Benedict had a cameo that didn’t make it into the theatrical version of the film but was seen after the credits. Unfortunately this was a project he didn’t agree with as well since his time on the A-Team seemed to be something he enjoyed and he didn’t want to see it besmirched in any way. Something seems to indicate though that Dirk is kind of like Gene Wilder professed to be at one point, he doesn’t like to see anything he’s done remade, as it seems like an insult. It could be that or it could be something else, but he even went so far as to say that he regretted doing the simple cameo he was in with Bradley Cooper.

His bio could be out of date but it doesn’t seem that he’s done anything past 2010.

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