Whatever Happened To Gena Lee Nolin?

Hardcore Baywatch fans might actually gasp in shock if anyone asked who Gena Lee Nolin is and what she’s done since throughout her career that red suit was a big part of how she was known despite the fact that she was one of Barker’s girls on The Price is Right and has been featured in several magazines throughout her time in the spotlight. To be fair it’s easy to think about how some people wouldn’t know that much about Nolin largely because her glory days did belong to a different decade in which those that might know nothing of her were still too young to really pay attention. Baywatch made her the star she turned to be, but once that was said and done with she did stick to the business, just in a much quieter way. These days she does hosting gigs and shows people around her home in the Valley where she lives as she enjoys clean living and being a mom and an idol to man people. Anyone that’s been on Baywatch, even for a short period of time, had a chance to cash in on the fame for a while and become a known figure, and while Gena didn’t exactly blow up the charts when it came to acting she’s still someone that a lot of people remember since she was an intriguing part of the show.

As of now the 48-year old model and mother is simply kicking back and enjoying a much more relaxed lifestyle. In terms of looks she hasn’t changed much apart from a bit of aging which is natural, but her clean living has kept her in great shape and her attention to her health has managed to keep her fit and capable of remaining a known name in Hollywood that many people still recognize upon hearing. A lot of us that grew up in the 80s and 90s likely remember the babes of Baywatch bouncing up and down the beach in their skimpy swimsuits and getting excited to see each new episode. As of now though Gena is doing more off the camera than on and is just finding it possible to kick back and enjoy being worth around $2 million. One could say that she’s kept her investments sound and her expenditures at a reasonable level since no one gets to the type of lifestyle so many in Hollywood enjoy by frittering it all away whenever they have the chance. Oh there’s plenty of fame for such a thing, but the money does start drying up eventually if the individual can’t back up their extravagant lifestyle. To date Gina has been keeping things glamorous but still enough on the down low that she’s not broke in the gutter and trying to raise money through a GoFundMe for no good reason.

Instead it’s kind of obvious she was smart with her money and while she was still a big part of the modeling scene she was proving that being attractive and blonde didn’t equate to being a fool all of the time. In fact of many of those that were stars in the 90s and that have since dropped off she’s doing pretty good when compared to many of them. Obviously she’s not going out and starring in major motion pictures all the time since she hasn’t been seen on screen all that much in the past decade. She did show up for Killing Hasslehoff, Sharknado, the 4th Awakens, and Hell’s Kitchen, and she did show up for the Roast of David Hasslehoff (who would miss one of those after all?) but otherwise she’s stuck pretty firmly behind the scenes throughout the last decade and done her own thing as she’s continued to amass a reputation for being a lighthearted and funny individual that likes to have a good time and enjoys making people laugh. There was one time when she was every young and older man’s fantasy along with many other women, but while she’s still very attractive and has kept her form and her looks, she’s definitely hit that point in her life where her looks are considered to be more distinguished, despite still being a knockout.

It does feel likely that she might come back to the screen now and again if there’s a good reason but otherwise it would appear that she’s doing just fine where she and is rocking a life that many people might want to emulate if they ever got the chance. Going from being an ultra-sexy model and Baywatch girl to a mom and hostess for various gigs isn’t a huge jump and it’s done well for her obviously since she’s loving life and is more than happy to share her joy with others when they ask. She’s still around, just not on screen as much. Michelle Glicksman of Where Traveler has more to say about this in her own words.

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