Whatever Happened to Gerard Christopher?

It’s interesting to discover that there have been a few more people that have put on the red and blue uniform throughout the years than just those that we’ve seen and really taken note of. Gerard Christopher actually donned the suit from 1989 to 1992 as Superboy, representing DC’s most famous hero as he flew across the sky and took part in several adventures before he quietly slipped from view. To date it would appear that he hasn’t done much past 2013 as he’s become a writer as well as an actor, though it’s worth noting that he was selected by a casting director for Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. Unfortunately when it was discovered that he’d already held the role in the past the director went with Dean Cain instead, and the rest is history. Gerard did keep working after this however but he didn’t get to return to the role that a few people have coveted over the years, which isn’t too surprising since once a person has done this it’s pretty hard to come back to it, just ask Brandon Routh and Dean Cain. One thing that can’t be said however is that he’s been unsuccessful ever since, especially considering that he’s amassed a pretty impressive fortune over the years and at one point was doing quite well. What’s happening in his life now is harder to figure out since he does appear to have kind of faded from view a bit, and seven years is plenty of time to fall off the radar so to speak.

Gerard isn’t the only person in history to do this however since it’s become obvious that after a run in show business some people do tend to value their privacy and want to just go on with their work in a quiet and somewhat understated manner while still reaping the benefits. It sounds like a rather nice proposition really since it allows for an individual to continue to do what they enjoy while not having to deal with the unnecessary drama of having their lives and their every movement dragged through the metaphorical mud for people to gawk at. As far as Gerard having been a part of the Superman fame it’s likely best that he get to remember it fondly, along with anyone else that might have seen him back in the day, and just move on since the idea of Superman has been bigger than any one person for a long time now, including the man that many feel set the gold standard, Christopher Reeve. This particular hero is one that takes a certain type of actor to play, and while people have argued back and forth over who’s done it best, they tend to forget that there are a few others that have taken on the role or who actually wanted the role and either got passed over or had a limited time in the suit. As of now Henry Cavill is one of those that people want to see back in the suit if only because he’s seen as the most viable candidate, but there have been several men that have come and gone and have contributed in their own way to the story.

It’s fair to state that there isn’t bound to be one unifying story that will ever come about that will say with any definitive voice that there is just ONE Superman story that stands above the rest as the only real story, as the use of multiple earths in the comics and on TV have made that thoroughly impossible in the eyes of the fans, but maybe that’s a good thing. There are so many stories out there concerning many pop culture icons that it’s become confusing trying to narrow down one story that’s the core and the only version that can possibly be labeled as ‘the one’. Obviously Gerard’s version wasn’t going to come close to being labeled as the one, but what can be said about it is that the show he was featured in was yet another chapter in the fabled history of a hero that has more or less been one of the most popular figures in all of pop culture and has helped to shape the way we look at super heroes. While he has plenty of other credits to his name this is one that he can look back on with some pride while admitting that he did his part to keep pushing the story of Superman along with others that came before and would come after. That’s at least part of a legacy that makes his career a little more worthwhile. Apart from that however it’s hard to say what he might be doing at the moment though it’s nice to think that he’s still writing, producing, and possibly still looking into acting if he gets the chance.

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