Whatever Happened to Jessica Hahn?

It’s hard to feel sorry or empathize with those that go on to ‘make bad decisions’ after pointing the finger at others and flinging accusations at others. On one hand Jessica Hahn, whom you might remember from the scandal involving televangelist Jim Bakker, was supposedly taken advantage of since Bakker and another associate apparently drugged her, as was said early on. However Bakker claimed that he was set up and that the sex was consensual. Hahn has even stated over the years that going into the hotel room with Bakker was a bad idea and that she regrets it to this day, yet her anger has not really flared up until recent years. That’s a bit suspect to be honest, no matter if it sparks anger and disbelief that anyone would dare to question the word of a woman that was supposedly put through this kind of mess.

There are reasons why her anger seems less righteous than she would lead others to believe.

She was 21 at the time, so perhaps she was a bit naive, but then it seems fair to say that the moment that Bakker wanted to have sex with her that pushing him away would have been a natural reaction. Yet Han and Bakker did have sex, as she didn’t seem to think that pushing him away would be a good idea, as her whole of idea of looking at Bakker as a role model and someone she looked up to was an idea that had to be behind the reason she didn’t come forward. Also there was and still is the rumor of the payoffs that were given to Hahn in order to buy her silence. She insists that she didn’t receive as much as it’s been said, if anything, but it’s a bit hard to believe at this point seeing as the rumors and gossip have been laid so thickly over the matter that sifting through them to find the truth has become all but impossible. Her anger at Bakker is understandable but it would seem that being angry at herself for such poor choices at this point should be easy to drown out as she has had a rather lucrative career. Money doesn’t make such hurts go away, but hypocrisy does need to rest at some point.

Her fame included posing for Playboy and guest-starring on TV shows to the tune of a hefty sum.

Again, it’s hard to feel sorry for her when she went on to bare her body for the entire nation to see, meaning that whatever happened with her and Bakker didn’t scar her for life in any damning way if she was able to pose in the nude. Also, the idea that she went on to make bank from her 15 minutes and stick around the spotlight as long as she could doesn’t seem to indicate that she had an ax to grind, instead showing that she’d reached a pinnacle that she enjoyed and wanted more of it. There’s nothing to say that she wasn’t still smarting or indeed hurting from her role model having betrayed her in some way, but instead of creating a voice for those that couldn’t fight back she took full advantage of the fame that blowing the whistle had afforded her and ran with it. Some might say that she was entitled to such, but in truth she was entitled to the responsibility of exposing what happened, not turning the corner in order to make a quick buck and prove that she was as guilty of hypocrisy as Bakker. That is a big reason why it’s hard to show any empathy for her back then or now.

As of now she’s living quite well on 45-acre ranch with her husband and their animals.

Life might have been unfair to Hahn, in some way, back in the days when she was naive enough to follow Jim Bakker into a hotel room against her better judgment, not against her will, but things have obviously turned out for the better. She has a great home, a loving husband, and is living a decent life that she has made for herself. If there’s any animosity towards her it’s that she seems to have flipped a 180 when it comes to whether accusations against powerful men are baseless or have any truth to them. She is a Trump supporter that seems content to claim that any and all sexual scandals against the POTUS are politically-based and are likely false. Let the irony sink in just a bit and you might come to wonder how a woman that has held so much anger for a man that she allowed to have sex with her back in the day could defend a man that has such a controversial view of women.

Hahn is doing well at this point, that seems to be all the needs to be said.

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