Whatever Happened to Lance Guest?

Anytime there’s mention of an old movie that might be getting a remake, reboot, or sequel, you simply know that the actors were a part of those movies are going to get mentioned, and of course Lance Guest is going to come up in conversation now that The Last Starfighter is apparently making a bit of a comeback. The actor has been keeping a steady career lately and has been a part of more short films than anything in recent years, but the point is that he’s still around and could possibly be showing up in the sequel if people are lucky. Considering that he’s currently in his 60s it’s likely that he’d come back as an aging star pilot that might be training the next generation, but might also have enough in him for one last mission. The hope of course is that something like this will happen since there might be enough left to this story that it would be something quite impressive, and given that the effects would be even better these days it would be easy to think that this would be something that people would want to see. There are plenty of people that might need to be reminded of The Last Starfighter and why it was so great, to begin with, and some might even say that the past needs to stay in the past. But those of us that enjoyed the movie would no doubt be interested at the very least to see what could come of this.

His career actually started in the early 80s when he played a minor part in Dallas, which a lot of people likely don’t remember unless they’ve followed his career for a long time. But three years after that he became the pilot that would help to save the galaxy in The Last Starfighter, which apart from Halloween II is a big reason why he became known for a while. Whether a lot of people remember him at this time is hard to say since his career has kind of pushed onward without a lot of fanfare for a good while, as he’s been a part of a lot of TV movies and short films and hasn’t been featured in a lot of big productions. If The Last Starfighter makes a return to the screen though it could be that people will remember him in a much more convincing manner since he was the star of the movie after all. But until that happens it’s likely that people are going to need to be reminded, even if he’s still someone that a lot of people would either recognize or know by name.

When asking anyone about those who became popular back in the 80s it’s likely that a lot of people will give blank looks since they either don’t remember or they weren’t old enough to remember. Or it’s likely that they weren’t born yet since a lot of folks that talk about movies and TV shows these days are in their 20s and obviously have no recollection of the 90s and weren’t around for the 80s. Just imagine when it can be said that people who are paying attention to the movies and shows weren’t around during the 2000s and 2010s, THEN you might feel a little old. As it is, remembering those that helped to make the past decades a lot of fun is important since it’s not just something done out of respect, but it’s important to recall who helped to make these memories possible and in doing so inspired others to make another movie, another franchise, and another great idea that would come along to entertain the masses. Even if people have never heard of The Last Starfighter it’s still easy to think that someone in Hollywood was inspired in some way by the movie since, despite the fact that it might have taken a few cues from other movies, it was still something that one can’t help but think did its own thing along the way.

Since the idea for the movie is on the horizon apparently it’s easy to think that the original cast, those that are still kicking around, would be given the nod since they put in the work to make it great in their own way. Without them, it might not have been as entertaining as it was, but thinking what the story would be about is kind of interesting since there’s likely another threat to face, but one has to wonder just what shape the movie would take. While normally I’m not the type to get excited or even enthused for reboots, remakes, or sequels, there are times when the passage of time tends to make such an idea sound a little more palatable. It would need to be a great story without a doubt, but if Lance Guest was brought back it might work.

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