Whatever Happened to Mark Holton?

Mark Holton

“You’ll be sorry Pee Wee Herman!” Gosh, do you think Mark Holton’s words in the movie were a little prophetic when it came to real life? After all Paul Reubens was pretty sorry after getting busted in a certain theater at one point. But with that aside Mark has been around for quite some time and like a lot of people the 80s was where he hit his stride since his time spent on the movie Pee Wee’s Big Adventure put him over in a big way since the character of Frances was so despicable that he became an instant memory for a lot of people given that he was the main antagonist of the movie. He also had a pretty decent role in the horror move Leprechaun, a role he would reprise decades later in 2018 when he came back to take up his part in the movie again. On top of that his time spent in the Teen Wolf movies that were so popular back in the day was also memorable as he played an overweight basketball player alongside Michael J. Fox and then went on to play the same role alongside Jason Bateman for the sequel. He’s been the kind of actor you can’t always figure out since it’s hard to see just how he might transition from a role in one cheesy movie after another, but somehow he ends up surprising us all since he does have the kind of talent that makes him valuable to pretty much any project.

Mark is still acting and is into his 60s now but hasn’t been in a picture since Leprechaun Returns in 2018. It’s a wonder if he’s taking it easy since there are moments in his career when it looks as though he’s taken a hiatus, or if he might be slowing down these days and letting things come as they will. To be honest the guy doesn’t need to work since he does have a pretty standard net worth when it comes to Hollywood and might be just fine investing if he wanted to, well away from the camera. But given that he’s showed up in so many different projects it does appear that he likes what he does and has been content to stick around finding one job after another as he’s continued to entertain the audience in a variety of ways. One great thing about Mark is that he’s not necessarily the token fat guy even though he’s never really been considered small or in any way someone that’s gone out of his way to lose the weight. If anything he’s one of those big guys that’s adaptable and can play a variety of roles and actually be believable in the doing.

He’s a big guy, there’s no getting around that, and a lot of his characters have been designed to show him as greedy, simple, or somehow less desirable in society for one reason or another, but he’s also been shown as the good friend, the reliable companion, and the kind of guy that’s able to stand up and get things done in a positive way, so being the fat simpleton or greedy big guy isn’t his own skill. To be fair those are definitely roles that he’s done well in but it’s more a credit to his talent and skill as an actor than anything else since it doesn’t take a lot of skill to get people to dislike you on the screen, it takes more to make sure that they absolutely loathe your character for a very good reason, and Mark has been able to do that a couple of times in his long history. He’s also been able to get people on his side more than a few times with an act that has made it clear that even if he’s not the hero a lot of times he’s still a capable of playing the part of a good guy that’s out to do something right. He has played one of the most despicable characters in history though since he took on the role of John Wayne Gacy for one movie, a part that doesn’t really appear to be that enviable when it comes down to who might want to play it. But eerily enough Mark was actually pretty good in the role and the likeness was absolutely scary.

For a good number of us he’s likely always going to be Frances Buxton or Chubby or even Ozzie from Leprechaun since like so many of his other roles he put so much of himself into each movie that it’s hard not to see him in said roles upon taking note of him. Mark is definitely one of those that is bound to be defined by his past movies before anyone starts thinking of his more current endeavors.

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