Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Angel from Hell?”

Angel from Hell would be kind of a contradiction in terms unless you’re talking about Jane Lynch as the angel since, let’s face it, almost every character she’s played as been someone you’d love to see slapped by another female cast member for one thing or another. But for all that you still can’t deny that Lynch is great since she’s the type of person that makes you stare at her wide-eyed since you can’t really believe she said that or went there. That would probably be why she’d be the perfect angel that seemed sent from the opposite direction of heaven since things might kind of kick off to a bad start with her around. Just think about a guardian angel that has no qualms about telling you how things are and making predictions that you don’t to listen to until they actually come true. Yeah, that might be kind of a headache.

Let’s see what happened to the cast.

Kevin Pollak

Kevin is one of those guys that has been in the business so long that saying you don’t recognize him from anything is simply a lie for most people since if you think about it there are probably a dozen movies and shows or more that you can recognize him from. He’s been in everything from comedies to dramas to horror to anything and everything you can think of and despite the fact that he’s always kind of the wisecracking character that has an attitude that you might set your teeth on edge or make you laugh he alters it just enough from one character to another in order to keep it entertaining. Out of so many actors he’s hardly ever been more than just a supporting character but that seems to be where his strength lies since he’s one of those that can make the leads look that much better just by being himself.

Maggie Lawson

It’d be easy to mistake Maggie with a lot of other actresses since she does have kind of the same look as many others and does kind of have the same act in some ways. But apart from that she does have her own style when it comes to acting that has gotten her this far. Shortly after the cancellation of this show she hit the ground running and has been keeping her career alive with several roles, one of which has been seen in the Netflix series The Ranch with Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliott.

Kyle Bornheimer

Kyle has been just a busy as his costars since the show ended and has been seeming like a man possessed as he’s taken on one role after another in an attempt to stay relevant in the business. You could say he’s done that particularly well since his credits have been growing almost exponentially as he takes on more and more in his career without slowing for breath. Just this year he’s taken on several different projects that have kept him continuously busy without any real downtime between them other than what he can afford to give himself now and again.

Jane Lynch

When you realize how long Jane Lynch has been around you might have to do a double-take and understand that her reputation is well-earned and well-deserved since she’s been more than the crazy lady that she’s been touting herself as throughout the last decade or so. In reality she’s a great actress that kind of just falls into a role and then remakes it in her image it seems like since she takes on a very sarcastic lean that simply works with whatever project she’s working on. Her accomplishments over the years have been astounding her characters have been somewhat the same in a lot of projects but it still works since the roles she’s been put in call for someone that’s just a bit outlandish and a little crazy, just enough so to make the other characters regard her with a healthy dose of respect or at least deference.

It seems like this show could have gone further than it did since anything dealing with angels has a lot of potential but has to be nurtured in a way that speaks to the audience and entertains them at the same time instead of doing just one or the other. Given the cast it should have been quite amusing, enough so that people could actually take meaning from the show while finding it possible to laugh continuously at the antics of the characters. Unfortunately it was cancelled after one season and the remaining eight episodes almost weren’t shown at all. Sometimes a show seems like a hit and a definite winner when it comes out, but if the ratings aren’t there then a lot of producers are ready and willing to pull the plug and stop the entire project.

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