Whatever Happened to the Cast of “CSI Cyber?”

There is obviously a real problem with cyber crime and CSI Cyber was just as obviously created to bring this to light in the show, but looking at the cast it still feels like an attempt to put together a program with those that hadn’t yet reached super-stardom or those that had and were now seeking to remain relevant. In any case the actors used for the show were mostly proven and knew how to present themselves, but obviously people weren’t really buying into it quite as much since the show was canceled in 2016 after two seasons. CSI has been a longtime favorite of many people that absolutely loved the various shows and would set their calendars by them, but like everything it eventually had to come to an end and give way to other programs that would take over the time slots in an attempt to keep the networks up to speed.

Here’s what happened to the cast.

Peter MacNicol

Seeing how he’s been around for so long it’s easy to see that Peter would be just fine after the series was canceled since he’s the kind of guy that fits in pretty easily on any project so long as they need a smaller, kind of weasel-like character that’s good at being intelligent or just flat out annoying. His many other roles throughout his career have seen him be the good guy, the bad guy, or the straight up annoying guy, or a combination of two out of the three.

Ted Danson

Ted kind of was Mr. CSI if you want the truth since he was one of the more prominent names on the roster and has always been the kind of actor that’s front and center in just about anything, even if he’s not the main actor. His roles throughout the years have been just a hair less than forceful but have allowed his charm and personality to extend to the audience in a way that makes him seem larger than life and keeps him in the good graces of the film gods, so to speak.

Hayley Kiyoko

Hayley is just young enough to have a lot of good years ahead of her and has been keeping very busy since the show ended with her music and various other projects that she’s had lined up for a while it seems. Right now there’s a good enough buzz going on about her and there’s enough fame left in her name that she can keep moving forward, but it seems as though it might require a bigger effort for her to stay relevant.

Charley Koontz

It doesn’t look like Charley has done much since the show though he does have at least a couple of added credits to his name. There’s always an explanation somewhere but the biggest part of his fame at this point seems to be that he’s starred in an episode of This Is Us. Aside from that we’ll have to wait and see what else he might do.

James Van Der Beek

How much does it shock you that this guy is almost in his 40s? James had a stellar career for quite some time and then seemed to just drop off the map for a while. He did start making a comeback however and there was the Power Rangers short video he starred in that brought him a few nods as well. Apart from that he’s been involved with a voice role that you might not believe until you see his name in the credits for yourself. He’s been starring as the voice of Boris Hauntley in the Disney hit Vampirina. Even funnier is that his character’s wife is being played by a former Gilmore Girl.

Bow Wow

Bow Wow really seemed to have a stellar career going for a while, but then after Like Mike he kind of disappeared for a bit. He was still around, but the level of interest in his career didn’t really come back until Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and even then it kind of faded away once the movie flopped with all but the most dedicated fans. Since then he’s been kind of coasting on the fame he gathered when he was younger and not really building on much. But he’s still engaging enough to watch.

Patricia Arquette

One word: Stigmata. That was undoubtedly one of her best films and best performances ever no matter that it met with a lot of mixed reviews. Since her time on the show however she’s been quite busy, and at this time has several projects that are in various stages of production. She kind of went up and down with her career for years but it does seem like she’s still enjoying herself and her position in show business.

So not everyone’s on the same level, but they’re all still fairly well off at this time.


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