Whatever Happened to the Cast of “Faking It?”

A lot of shows and movies tend to take it easy on subjects such as homosexuality regarding men or women and tend to take the road that will lead them to a safe box office return, but then there are some that tend to treat it like a joke even if that’s not the intended result. Faking It was well received for three seasons before being nixed in 2016, but it would seem just from a casual standpoint that those of the LGBT community would either like this show or feel that it made fun of their lifestyle in one way or another. In this uber-sensitive era where saying or depicting someone in the wrong way, or taking an idea or a lifestyle and using it in a manner that those being represented didn’t care for, it’s kind of a wonder that this show managed to last for more than one season. But then again, sometimes dissenters don’t outnumber the fans.

Let’s see what happened to the cast.

Bailey De Young

It kind of looks like Bailey managed to keep up with her career until 2017 when the last entry on her resume reads that she starred in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, which was renewed for a third season back in May of 2018. At this point it seems as though her career is stable enough to call her a success but given that she’s still pretty young it’s easy to think that she’ll be around for a while yet.

Michael J. Willett

Michael seems to have taken a year or so off following Faking It and has been back on the scene as of this year. It’s likely that a lot of people do know about these actors but to those that grew up on shows from the 80s and the 90s the biggest issue is that the content of the TV shows these days is sometimes a little ‘meh’ since in truth a lot of them don’t have the emotional range of the old shows or have way too much of it.

Gregg Sulkin

Gregg has been on an absolute tear since the show ended and has been hustling in a way that makes mediocre actors great and great actors legends. So far he’s managed to secure several roles following the show and at this point he has several projects going that are in various stages of production, so you can imagine that he’s a very busy man right now. His career is definitely on an upswing however considering that there are more than a few credits on his resume, some yet to be fully filmed.

Katie Stevens

To be honest she hasn’t had that full of a career since she just started up in 2013 but if you take a look at her filmography Katie hasn’t been lax either in attaining a reputation for being a hard worker. Granted that she’s still young and still not quite well known enough in the industry, but she seems to be one of the rising stars that needs to be given the attention that one would give to a person that hasn’t yet hit their stride and needs just that one great role to do so.

Rita Volk

Rita is another individual that has boots on the ground and is running forward with her career to make herself into something and someone that people can rely on when they want quality entertainment and someone that can be granted the chance to show that she’s one of the best in the business. The market is so flooded with actors these days that standing out is tough, but being a hard work, preferably one that doesn’t complain or demand too much, is one mark in Hollywood that is bound to get noticed and appreciated.

As much as the show seemed poised to make fun of homosexuality and possibly demonize it in a way there were enough fans that managed to think that it meant something else and was worth watching for three seasons before the network hung it up. Shows come and go all the time and the subjects they deal with are, some of the time, a reason why they rise or fall. In this case however it does seem like things could have been so much worse since the idea of vilifying the LGBT community in any way would have been a serious mistake. Not only would the show have lost fans, but it likely would have found itself on the wrong end of a lawsuit attempt as well. As it stands however the show was little more than a way to poke some fun and deliver a look at homosexuality in a light and possibly fun way that was never meant to harm anyone. It’s a fine line, but in TV and in movies it’s one that needs to be walked.

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