Which Game of Thrones Actor Will Be the Most Successful Post Series?

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Well, the end has finally come and a lot of people are in need of counseling it seems since the end of Game of Thrones seems to have left them rather shaken. That’s not a joke either, Maxine Shen of the Daily Mail and several others have reported upon this uprising in counselors that feel the need to console people over the end of GoT simply because the ending seemed to be too much for people to take. Try to let out a heavy sigh and let that sink in, people need THERAPY because a show didn’t end the way they wanted. Anyway, now that one of the most popular shows of the last eight years is over, we have to wonder what’s next for a lot of the actors. While a lot of them have been well-established for some time it would seem that a few of them really came to prominence thanks to their time on GoT. Where they go from here is going to be interesting to see, especially since some of them have been working on their career while still being involved with the show.

Here are those that we feel might do the best following Game of Thrones.

5. Jason Momoa

So he didn’t make it out of the first season, that’s not that big of a deal since he’s still remembered as the great Khal Drogo and as such has been a regular part of a lot of GoT talks for years now. But if you’ve been paying attention then you’ve already seen how Jason has moved on, and in a big way too. He’s kind of revolutionized Aquaman and made the hero in a different image that a lot of people like. He might not have won over a lot of people in Justice League but the Aquaman movie was without a doubt a huge hit and people might even be looking forward to a sequel, no matter which way it might go or when it will show up.

4. Lena Headey

Lena has been well established for a while so it’s not too hard to think that she’ll continue to star in minor and major movies as time goes on. It might take a while for her to shed the whole Cersei Lannister reputation since people took after that in a big way. Some folks even went so far as to throw massive shade at her throughout the years since the character was by all rights kind of mean-spirited and nasty. Maybe one reason people didn’t think the finale was that great was that in the episode before Cersei was humanized quite a bit considering that she was a weeping mess and saw her world falling down around her. Hating Cersei has been a commonality that a lot of GoT fans have had over the years, and without that it might have seemed a little confusing.

3. Sophie Turner

Sophie’s been coming a long way since the start of GoT and the X-Men films she’s starred in thus far are only the beginning it feels like. Her potential seems to be growing with each movie since not only has she grown a great deal in terms of physical stature, but she’s managed to become a very talented young actress as well that has managed to impress a great number of people. Many people didn’t care for Sansa Stark in the beginning since she was more of an elegant child that had no idea how the world worked, but by the end she’d grown into a woman that understood a great deal of the world and how to navigate her way through it.

2. Emilia Clarke

Emilia seems like a hit and miss prospect at this point but she’s had a few good appearances since her time in GoT started. A lot of people weren’t entirely impressed with the last Terminator movie, but she did her part and played it well enough as Sarah Connor. Where she goes from here is going to be interesting since she’s managed to show the range of emotions and ability that seems to indicate that she’s going to be a valuable talent to have around on many a project. It’d be great to see her in another fantasy series or movie, though from here on it might be that she and the others need a bit of a break.

1. Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage has been just about everywhere since he really got going, and this was before GoT even got started. Don’t ask my why since I still don’t understand it, but Elf with Will Farrell and James Caan is still a well-loved Christmas movie, and Peter was a part of that as well. When it comes to men of his stature it does seem at times that he’s limited to what he can do, but so far he hasn’t really been hampered by his size in the least bit. So it’s not hard to see that he might actually have a lot left to give to the fans.

As for the others, there’s always a hope that they’ll all go on to do as much as they can in their careers, and it’ll be fun to see just who does what in the years to come.

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