Which Stephen King Novels Still Need to Be Adapted into Movies?

It would be great to say that we want to see an adaptation of The Dark Tower, but the truth is that when it comes to Stephen King stories a lot of us were soured by the way that The Dark Tower was brought to life, as horrible dialogue and a very mashed-together story ruined what was arguably King’s most iconic saga ever. But there are still plenty of books that King has in his stable that are either currently up for adaptation or have yet to be considered, and among those are a few favorites that would be extremely popular if they were given the proper cast and director to work on them. When it comes to short stories there are simply too many that King has in his possession to really go listing them all right now, but there are a few obvious picks that would be great for the big screen or perhaps even a TV series as has happened with Mr. Mercedes and The Outsider. Even a miniseries or TV movie would do some of them justice, since The Girl Who Love Tom Gordon, Lisey’s Story, From A Buick 8, and even Revival are supposed to be getting their turn in the spotlight eventually as Michael Kennedy of Screenrant has stated. It’s definitely King’s time right now when it comes to movies, which is great to see after so many years of watching his books be butchered on screen.

Here are just a few of the movies that might be great if they were considered for production.


As it happens with a lot of King’s books this has something to do with The Dark Tower, but in a distant and kind of adjacent manner that allows the book to become its own story while looking through the window at the Tower in a way. K.W. Colyard of Bustle has more on this. When an old man who can sense that his life is coming to a close begins to see things that he couldn’t possibly imagine being real he gets sucked into a world that lies just beyond the real world and into an ongoing conflict that has very serious ramifications for all those involved, whether they’re aware of it or not. Like a lot of King’s stories this one centers around the Tower, but unlike others it does have a pretty decent ending, which hopefully would be observed if it ever becomes a movie.


While the initial book before this one, Desperation, did become a TV miniseries, this book brought back a lot of the same characters but in different ways, almost like an alternate reality. This is one of the books that truly shows how chaotic it might be in King’s head, which is to say that it’s a place you wouldn’t want to visit without knowing how to find your way out again. It would also be interesting to see if the cast from Desperation would come back and give this one a go. Whoever had the nerve to make this one would need to take a good look at the book and the miniseries to make sure of what worked and what didn’t since there were a few things in the miniseries that could have been done a little better.

Duma Key

Duma Key is definitely a story for pretty much any artist or those that have managed to transition from a life spent doing something else to that of an artist since the imagery and the overall point of the story are bound up in creation and what eventually comes through, be it good or bad. The story is one that really needs an attentive reader as it does wander a bit here and there but overall it’s a gripping story that could translate well to the big or small screen.


In a way this is probably one of King’s least frightening stories unless a person has a serious fear of losing weight or somehow just floating away. The main character notices one day that he’s losing weight, and while a person might think of the story Thinner, it’s not like that. As he continues to get lighter and lighter he finds time and the desire to help his lesbian neighbors get their failing restaurant back in the black and even takes the time to get to know them a little better. By the end though one can’t help but wonder just what King was thinking on this one.

There are a large number of Stephen King stories that people would love to see become movies or miniseries, but a lot of people know by now there are likely some that wouldn’t make the transition so smoothly. Hopefully though the stories that are coming will be handled with some care and given the kind of attention that will make them great.

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