Tonight on White Collar: Neal and Peter Come to Blows (Sneak Peeks)

White CollarLast week’s episode of White Collar ended with Neal (Matt Bomer) choosing Peter (Tim Dekay) and Mozzie (Willie Garson) over Sam (Trent Williams) with regard to the old betamax tape that Ellen (Judith Ives) had left to Neal. The episode ended just as they were about to start watching so it is likely that we will rejoin the group in tonight’s episode “Gloves Off.” We will also see Neal and Peter go from this happy and trusting place to a physical fight that is part of an undercover job and it turns very real. Spoilers ahead.

The team are investigating a white collar boxing ring (these exist in real life) that is using the matches to also trade insider information and as you can see from the promo photo above both Neal and Peter will be entering the ring. However their planned and choreographed fight soon takes a turn for the real as Neal finds out that something Peter did might have been the thing that caused Ellen’s death and as you can see from the promo and last sneak peek Neal is angry in a way that we haven’t seen before.

The sneak peeks that USA has released show that things start well for Neal and Peter as they make a pact to keep what they have discovered on the tape between themselves; this means no Sam for Neal and no other members of the Bureau for Peter. Something along the way obviously breaks down and Peter believes that Neal has gone behind his back.

Once again trust is a huge element here and it is something that despite what Neal and Peter tell each other, they still don’t completely trust the other and I guess that is what happens when your relationship begins in the way theirs did. Will they ever be able to get past this issue?

Watch a promo and five sneak peeks of tonight’s episode “Gloves Off” below.

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