Whitney Cummings Is Sad About Comedy World’s Backlash Against Her

A few years ago, Whitney Cummings seemed to be primed to be the next big female comedian, with her show Whitney doing alright, and her other show she helped create and write, 2 Broke Girls, doing pretty well with that demographic. Flash forward, Whitney is canceled, and Whitney’s career seems to be sputtering to a stop. Well, the actress and comedian took to the Howard Stern Show recently and aired some of her grievances with the way she feels she has been treated by the comedy world.

Two years ago, Whitney Cummings couldn’t write a joke on a napkin without someone wanting to make it into a show. And now, it seems to be the opposite for her. But more celebrities and comedians need to know that. You are probably only gonna get thrown the ball once, and it is what you do with it in that time that will determine how the rest of the proverbial season plays out. Seems Cummings had the ball but was, well, to be put it nicely, not the fanciest player, and over time, the world picked up on this. Flash forward two years later, and she tells Howard Stern that her lifestyle and fame itself is not all its cut out to be.

First, she talks about the backlash for getting popular, and about how all the comedians she basically looked at like family stopped talking to her when she got her shows. Yes, it is called competition, Whitney. And in a cut throat world like comedy, resentment is common, so if you are only feeling that now, get used to it.

She also went on to explain that once Whitney was canceled, people became even more distant from her, and she feels like she has been ostracized. But the bigger picture here is, that is how fame in Hollywood works. You sell your soul to make it big, and once you do, the people around you resent you, because they want the same thing (and maybe have been working at it harder and longer than you). And then, when the tide turns, and your name drops in popularity, they just look at it like they have a chance. Friendships mean little in that kind of world.

It is a cutthroat business, and we are surprised Whitney Cummings got so deep into that business,and still had no idea how it worked until it was too late.

But this is Hollywood, after all, and she is an attractive woman, so we don’t think she’ll be waiting too long for work.

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