Who is Cuter: The Fan-Made Baby Jabba or Baby Yoda?

The reaction to ‘Baby Jabba’ from Kevin Burwick of MovieWeb and many others is more proof that people will focus on just about anything that’s set in front of them so long as it has some sort of appeal and is liked by enough of their peers. In truth Baby Jabba looks an alien version of the Pillsbury Doughboy, if he let himself go that is since he looks kind of like an over-plumped sausage that’s ready to burst. But hey, people are thinking that Babu Frik is going to outdo Baby Yoda when it comes to the cute factor so Baby Jabba obviously has a shot. And if you’re not rolling your eyes and groaning at the mention of who’s cuter by now then you’ve likely been caught up in the craze and are beyond the realm of the unbiased. It’s alright though, the chubby little biscuit-looking creature is kind of cute and it’s impressive that a fan went to this much trouble to create something that can honestly compete with Baby Yoda given that the little guy has been pitted against a few of the more iconic movie creatures since his arrival, Baby Groot being one of them.

After all the last time we got to see a baby Hutt was back when the Clone Wars animated movie came out. Anakin and Ahsoka had to rescue Rotta, the son of Jabba the Hutt and a CGI character that was nowhere near as cute as this but could possibly be made that way if he was ever turned into a live-action character. Some might even liken this little guy to Baby Sinclair from Dinosaurs, as he does kind of have that puffy-faced look and might actually be saying “Not the mama!” for all we know from this pose. All in all though there is a lot to know about Hutts given that they’re a pretty substantial part of the underworld scene in Star Wars. They’re the type of creatures that appear to be bred for crime and violence since despite their slug-like appearance a good number of them are far more dangerous than they appear as they can shift their bulk far quicker than one might think. A lot of this comes from the Legends canon unfortunately and might not be added in if the Hutts make another appearance in the Star Wars movies, but it would be wiser to do so then to simply make them out as large slugs that are intelligent and resistant to Force persuasion. If that was the case then all it would take to bring them down would be an ambitious fighter with a working knowledge of where their soft spots are.

It’s actually more comforting to think of Hutts as being deceptively dangerous since the kind of bulk they accumulate throughout their lives is simply massive given how much the average Hutt is seen to eat and how truly vicious they can be. Jabba was feared in his time for a reason after all, and he’s one of the older characters in the Star Wars franchise if one looks at the overall timelines that have been created to show just which stories occur when in galactic history. Jabba wasn’t a young Hutt when he was strangled to death, as he’d already seen the passing of six centuries before Princess Leia took matters into her own hands during Return of the Jedi. Likely as not no one wept a tear for Jabba since he wasn’t in the business of making friends but instead knew how to push people and intimidate them in various ways in order to get what he wanted. Among the Hutts he was one of the most feared individuals since he had power, influence, and control over a good chunk of Tatooine’s criminal element, if not all of it. Those traveling through Hutt space even had to get their permission from time to time if they wanted to avoid being shot down by Jabba’s people in the books.

All that kind of pales beside the cuteness of this little character as it’s evident that every sentient being has to start somewhere and even a Hutt can be cute at one point when they look like a little grub with a pleasing disposition. But it’s pretty evident that Jabba and all his kind are indoctrinated to a life of crime from a very young age, and aren’t given much of a chance to be ‘good’ individuals that want to be fair with others. The Hutt way after all is to lie, cheat, steal, and dominate those around them in a manner that makes it clear who the boss is. Maybe it’s this realization that makes this character a little less cute since unlike Baby Yoda we know how Jabba turns out.

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