The Killing: Who Killed Rosie Larsen?

After a phenomenally, bone-chilling opener last night, we’re sure that AMC’s new drama The Killing has everyone asking the question that has been plastered on ads of every spectrum for the last couple of weeks: Who killed Rosie Larsen?

If you want to get into how much the mood, themes, and music or how much the trifecta reminded you of Twin Peaks, the cult classic which involved another enthralling mystery of a murdered young girl, click here for our extensive review of the show. Right now, we are just discussing the facts as they were laid out to us in the two hour opening and how they might factor into the rest of the series in the coming weeks. With just the first two episodes, we were given a long sheet of shady characters who screamed “suspect” before Rosie’s body was even found, not to mention the initial evidence that trickled in throughout the two hours, as well. Let’s take a look at what Linden and Holder, the newest detective duo on TV, are working with at the moment:


  • Sterling – She was allegedly the last person to see Rosie alive during the Halloween dance and was pretty freaked when she couldn’t find her best friend Monday morning at school. Most friends would panic if their best friend turned up missing and would’ve called the authorities, but Sterling, unfortunately, doesn’t seem to fit that bill. What could she possibly have to hide for her to not inform people of Rosie’s disappearance any sooner? Covering for Rosie’s forbidden tryst with Jasper would be an reasonable excuse if Sterling didn’t seem to have some secrets to protect herself…
  • Jasper – The rich bad boy looks like a psychopath in the making and his discontented indifference of recent events does not help his case either. Plus, he seems to have some serious daddy issues, which we all know does not always end well for most TV characters. Geographically, it does look as if Rosie met up with the Skins reject that night after the Halloween party, but where would his sex romp with the older woman fit into the time frame?
  • Councilman Darren Richmond – The politician/mayoral candidate seems to have a genuine look about him, which is a given if he wants to become Seattle’s next mayor. A brutal murder, especially of a young child, is the last thing he needs on his plate right now, especially with his name being attached to the car Rosie was found in. Then again, with a high profile murder of this caliber, Richmond could use it to his advantage by making a stance to have the murder solved by any means necessary. The townsfolk would champion him for getting the job done, which means that he would work wonders in the mayor’s seat. Is it possible that Richmond plotted the whole murder for political gain? Besides, he’s a bit too clean for a politician in our eyes…
  • Jamie Wright – Richmond’s eager campaign manager seems like a political Patrick Bateman waiting to blossom. He was the first person who thought about using Rosie’s murder as a playing card in the mayoral race, which goes to show that the guy has no level where he wouldn’t stoop to get the job done. In other words, he has a bright future in the world of politics.
  • Gwen Eaton – The other half of Richmond’s team also shares the other half of his bed. While nothing seems to tie her to the murder directly, she still seems as if she’s the type who will do whatever it is possible to make sure Richmond’s road to being Seattle’s next mayor.
  • Stephen Holder – We know he’s the new cop on the block, but that’s just it – he just so happens to be the new cop on the block. Fresh out of working undercover, Holder is pretty much as unorthodox as can be. The way he easily lured the soccer girls into letting slip the whereabouts of ‘The Cage’ and how he insinuated that Bennett, Rosie’s teacher, might have had a fling with deceased girl makes you wonder just how far he went to get results during his time undercover. Then, like Richmond, Holder could benefit from solving a high profile murder as his first case on the job. Then again, he could just simply be a loose cannon.

Evidence – What We Know

  • Rosie’s Cause of Death – Drowning: So Rosie drowned in the trunk of the car, ripping her nails off in an attempt to get out of her death trap. The police chief didn’t mention any blood or cuts being found on the body, which leads me to the next piece of evidence.
  • ‘The Cage’ – The hot spot for teens had tons of blood stains among the sheets and walls. If Rosie drowned allegedly with no signs of blood or cuts, then where did all that blood come from?
  • The Richmond Campaign Car – Yes, the car was reported stolen Saturday morning, but it seems as if Rosie was killed Friday night, which gives ample time for someone on Richmond’s payroll to do the deed and then report the car as being stolen the next morning. Jamie gave a seemingly air tight alibi concerning the car being in an area that was a hot bed for recent car thefts, but you can poke so many holes into that explanation once you really begin to think about it, especially given that the Richmond campaign car doesn’t fit the M.O. of the car thief. Then there is the alibi itself. It’s too convenient for our tastes. Like we said, Jaime knows how to get results it seems and who is to say he didn’t concoct this alibi up himself?

Other Mysteries of Note

Who is leaking top information from Richmond’s campaign? All signs are pointing to either Jamie or Gwen, but what would each of Richmond’s trusted confidants gain by double-crossing him?

Will Rosie’s love for butterflies come into play later on in the series as a crucial plot point, a motif, or just a red herring?

How in the hell did Rosie get from the school to the field/island? Could Sterling have been with her after all?


We’re sure there are other mysteries to tackle into and we would like to hear what you might think we left out. Also, what suspects do you guys have on the docket?


Photo Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC


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