Who Should Play a Younger Bruce Banner in Marvel’s She-Hulk Series?

Seeing as how there are so many young actors coming up through the ranks right now it’s hard to say who should play the role of a young Bruce Banner. There’s also the idea of how young he needs to be since the rumors are that She-Hulk on Disney+ may want to go back to when Bruce and Jennifer were both children, meaning that it would take a young and possibly scrawny actor to take on the role. One has to remember that Bruce isn’t that big as an adult, and it’s likely that he wouldn’t be a very big kid either. But if Disney is looking to flesh out the dynamic between Jennifer and Bruce by showing their childhood days it’s taking a bit of risk since it might forget that a lot of people, even those that might not know the origin of She-Hulk, might not take too well to something that is essentially like what Ang Lee tried to do with his version of the Hulk. An origin story is great, and a backstory that works for a character is even better, but going too far tends to make people lose sight of what they’re really watching and might actually lose interest. That would be the worst thing for a fledgling show that people want to watch since turning them off to start with might not be the right idea. Flashbacks and lead-ins could definitely work, but with the idea that Mark Ruffalo is still uncertain whether or not he’ll appear on the show, it’s hard to say what’s going to happen.

A lot of people would state that Mark Ruffalo has to show up eventually since this can’t be just a show about Jennifer and Bruce as kids, but as of now, it does sound as though things are still up in the air concerning Ruffalo’s appearance. Of course, this could be to throw people off considering that Ruffalo was the bigmouth when it came to the last two Avengers movies, as it might be Ruffalo’s way of keeping the news to himself that he might actually be more involved in this show than he’s about to reveal. Some people aren’t that great at keeping secrets and he’s shown that he’s one of them. When it comes to She-Hulk stepping on the scene though it does feel that the original Hulk should show up and make an appearance, but who is going to be selected as his younger self is tough to say since there are a lot of young faces that get used in Hollywood for various roles and it’s difficult to state just who could play a ten-year-old Bruce Banner at this time. There’s no doubt that someone will be picked that might bear a resemblance to Ruffalo, and the dynamic between Bruce and Jennifer is going to be important since the two of them have been fairly close in the comics, close enough that Bruce didn’t think twice about giving his cousin a blood transfusion when she needed it, even though he should have.

She-Hulk is a character that people have been wanting to see for a while now in the MCU and it’s fair to say that a lot of folks are excited just to see any type of development on the show since the naming of Tatian Maslany to the main role was something that a lot of people have been in approval of, and it’s fair to say that however the show is set up will be easy to accept at first since anything new in the MCU is usually embrace to start with, even if it might come to disappoint later on. The hope of course is that this won’t be one of those that ends up starting quickly before it loses speed later on since the MCU has fielded a few of those projects at this point, and the only reason why people are still supporting them is that they are a part of the MCU’s overall continuity. If not for that then they might have already been forgotten much as a lot of people would like to do with the early versions of the Punisher and Daredevil. She-Hulk is a very different hero than many though, and it’s kind of a wonder if we’ll see her sexual proclivities as well as her overall impressive strength and ability to tackle some of the heavy hitters in the MCU. It might sound crude to be certain, but like it or not, this is one thing that She-Hulk has been known for in the comics apart from her hero act since for one reason or another the writers decided to make her a very independent woman that enjoys certain habits, even though people tend to look at her differently for this. The argument over someone like Tony Stark being respected while sleeping around while Jennifer is given dirty looks is definitely a valid one, but whether we’ll see this part of her or not is up to those in charge obviously.

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