Who Should Replace Giuliana Rancic At E! News?

Whether it was due to her comments about Zendaya and the backlash they inspired or something else it would seem that Giuliana Rancic of E! News has decided that stepping down from her position would be the best idea as Jeanette Settembre of MarketWatch has explained. The host wants it to be known that this is her decision and that she’s not being forced out, as she seems to feel that it’s not working as it did for so long, and will be moving on eventually. That of course leaves the thought of just who can step into her shoes and who would be the best-suited to do so. There are a lot of popular faces out there that could possibly do this job and make it look good, but then there are only so many that would really present themselves as well as Giuliana did for so long and still have the poise and grace to make it work so effortlessly. Well, up to a point since she did suffer a couple of missteps along the way.

Here are five women that could potentially replace her.

5. Kelly Ripa

Of course she’s doing her own thing at this point and is considered to be one of the most powerful people in the media as of 2014, but this list is about who COULD take over for Giuliana, not who WILL. Kelly has been effective in just about everything she’s done on TV and would be a huge boost for the show, but it almost feels as though this position would be a downgrade for her as she’s been popular to the point that going out and covering the red carpet doesn’t seem like it would be quite her thing. She could do it however as there’s no other way to think about it. Whether she ever would is kind of an interesting question.

4. Chelsea Handler

Chelsea is another person you might look at and think ‘why not?’ but still be able to understand that she might not just because she’s already done so much that schlepping out to the red carpet might seem like one would be asking her to curb her fame for something that will seem a little beneath her. That sounds kind of bad but in a way it’s almost accurate since the position isn’t one that is beneath anyone, but there are times when you have to realize that a person has gone too far to really take a step back. That doesn’t sound much better I suppose, but the truth is that the women on this list have done plenty of things in their career that would seem to go beyond being a TV show host.

3. Wendy Williams

It might never have a chance in hell of happening, but this match would be kind of interesting simply because Wendy has the kind of attitude that would no doubt shine on the red carpet and on the show without any doubt. Given the fact that she’s had no trouble stating her opinion throughout the years it’s easy to see that she might be one of the more interesting personalities that could take over on this show. Now whether or not she would is kind of hard to say since the pay would have to be there, the opportunity would need to be there, and at this point it doesn’t seem like either would happen.

2. Megyn Kelly

This seems like an odd choice doesn’t it? Megyn is well known for her role in politically-based shows and has a history of speaking her mind on the issues concerning the country, the presidency, and so on and so forth, so switching gears and becoming someone that focuses on the stars and the red carpet might be kind of a stretch. But it would be great to get her opinion out there and see just how she interacts with so many different celebrities upon interviewing them that I couldn’t pass on adding her name to the list. It’s not so much a joke as it is a desire to see someone that has a different viewpoint.

1. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Yes, I get it, she’s retired. But maybe something could be offered to bring her back into the fold and out where people can see her again. She was effective when she was still on air so it’s fair to say that she hasn’t lost everything at this point. But getting her back would have to come with an enticement that would make it worth her while and get her attention in a big way since honestly she’s been gone from the airwaves for a few years now and seems to be pretty content. But it would still be worth the try.

There are plenty of women out there that could replace Giuliana without making it seem as though she’s dispensable, but it could be that a new talent is on the rise and we haven’t met her yet.

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