Who Voices Who in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts is one of the most beloved video game series’ of all time and the latest installment to the franchise, Kingdom Hearts 3, released in January 2019. There’s so many characters to keep track of within the Kingdom Hearts franchise and Kingdom Hearts 3 is no different. The cast of the third installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise not only includes its own original characters, but also crossover characters from Final Fantasy and Disney properties. While these characters may change from game to game, some have managed to stay throughout the whole franchise like Olympus from Disney’s Hercules movie. So who are the voices behind the massive cast of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Disney characters in Kingdom Hearts 3? Let’s take a look!

Original Characters

Haley Joel Osment

  • Haley Joel Osment has voiced the main protagonist of Kingdom Hearts, Sora, since the very beginning of the franchise in the original Kingdom Hearts. He is also the voice of Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3 as well as the voice of Vanitas

Alyson Stoner

  • Alyson Stoner, who you may know from titles such as Cheaper by the Dozen, Camp Rock, and Step Up, voices both Kairi and Xion in Kingdom Hearts 3

David Gallagher

  • David Gallagher, who you may know from Super 8, Criminal Minds, and a couple episodes of CSI, voices Riku in Kingdom Hearts 3. He also voiced Riku as well as Young Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix.

Jesse McCartney

  • Jesse McCartney voices both Roxas and Ventus

Willa Holland

  • Willa Holland voices Aqua in Kingdom Hearts 3 . You may recognize Willa Holland as Thea “Speedy” Queen from the CW’s “Arrow

Jason Dohring

  • Jason Dohring voices Terra

Quinton Flynn

  • Quinton Flynn voices Axel

Meaghan Jette Martin

  • Meaghan Jette Martin voices Namine

Vincent Corazza

  • Vincent Corazza voices Ienzo

Zachary Gordon

  • Zachary Gordon voices Hayner

Tristian Chase

  • Tristian Chase voices Pence

Ashley Boettcher

  • Ashley Boettcher voices Olette

Rutger Hauer

  • Rutger Hauer voiced Master Xehanort for the main game of Kindom Hearts 3

Christopher Lloyd

  • Christopher Lloyed took over the role of Maser Xenahort for the ReMind DLC after Rutger Hauer’s unfortunate passing

Mark Hamill

  • The legend of all voice acting himself, Mark Hamill, voices Master Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts 3

Ben Diskin

  • Ben Diskin voices Young Xehanort

Drake Bell

  • Drake Bell (yes, that Drake Bell) voices Young Eraqus in Kingdom Hearts 3

Ray Chase

  • Ray Chase voices The Master of Masters

Paul St. Peter

  • Paul St. Peter voices Xemnas

Derek Stephen Prince

  • Derek Stephen Prince voices Vexen

Kirk Thornton

  • Kirk Thornton voices Saix

Ryan O’Donohue

  • Ryan O’Donohue voices Demyx

Robin Atkin Downes

  • Robin Atkin Downes voices Demyx

Keith Ferguson

  • Keith Ferguson voices Marluxia

Shanelle Workman Gray

  • Shanelle Workman Gray voices Larxene

Richard Epcar

  • Richard Epcar voices both Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Terra-Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts 3

Corey Burton

  • Corey Burton voices Ansem the wise

Michael Johnston

  • Michael Johnston voices Ephemer

Lara Jay Miller

  • Lara Jay Miller voices Chirithy

Matthew Mercer

  • Matthew Mercer voices Ira

Travis Willingham

  • Travis Wilingham voices Aced

Kevin Quinn

  • Kevin Quinn voices Gula

Karissa Lee Staples

  • Karissa Lee Staples voices Invi

Dylan Sprouse

  • Dylan Sprouse voices Yozora

Doug Erholtz

  • Doug Erholtz voices Leon

Andrea Bowen

  • Andrea Bowen voices Aerith

Mae Whitman

  • Mae Whitman, from Perks of Being a Wallflower, voices Yuffie in Kingdom Hearts 3

Chris Edgerly

Disney Characters

Bill Farmer

  • Bill Farmer voices Goofy

Tony Anselmo

  • Tony Anselmo voices Donald Duck

Bret Iwan

  • Bret Iwan voices Mickey Mouse

Joe Ochman

  • Joe Ochman voices Jiminy Cricket

Tress MacNeille

  • Tress MacNeille voices Chip

Enn Reitel

  • Enn Reitel voices Scrooge McDuck

Russi Taylor

  • Russi Taylor voices Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Jeff Bennett

  • Jeff Bennett voices Merlin

Corey Burton

  • Corey Burton voices Dale, Yen Sid, and Zeus

Susanne Blakeslee

  • Susanne Blakeslee voices Maleficent

Jim Cummings

  • Jim Cummings voices Pete, Winnie the Pooh, and Tigger

Tate Donovan

  • Tate Donovan voices Hercules

Susan Egan

  • Susan Egan voices Megara

James Woods

  • James Woods voices Hades

Jim Hanks

  • Jim Hanks voices Woody

Mike MacRae

  • Mike MacRae voices Buzz Lightyear

John Ratzenberger

  • John Ratzenberger voices Hamm

Wallace Shawn

  • Wallace Shawn voices Rex

Christopher Swindle

  • Christopher Swindle voices Sulley

Carlos Alazraqui

  • Carlos Alazraqui voices Mike Wazowski

Mary Gibbs

  • Mary Gibbs voices Boo

JP Manoux

  • JP Manoux voices Randall

Jared Butler

  • Jared Butler voices Jack Sparrow

Crispin Freeman

  • Crispin Freeman voices Will Turner

Eliza Jane Schneider

  • Eliza Jane Schneider voices Elizabeth Swann

Brian George

  • Brian George voices Captain Barbossa

Kevin McNally

  • Kevin McNally voices Gibbs

Leslie L. Miller

  • Leslie L. Miller voices Tia Dalma

Robin Atkin Downes

  • Robin Atkin Downes voices Davy Jones

Kelsey Landsdowne

  • Kelsey Landsdowne voices Rapunzel

Zachary Levi

  • Zachary Levi voices Flynn Rider

Donna Murphy

  • Donna Murphy voices Mother Gothel

Kristen Bell

  • Kristen Bell voices Anna

Idina Menzel

  • Idina Menzel voices Elsa

Jonathan Groff

  • Jonathon Groff voices Kristoff

Josh Gad

  • Josh Gad voices Olaf

Ryan Potter

  • Ryan Potter voices Hiro Hamada

Scott Adsit

  • Scott Adsit voices Baymax

Jamie Chung

  • Jamie Chung voices Gogo Tamago

Genesis Rodriguez

  • Genesis Rodriguez voices Honey Lemon

Khary Payton

  • Khary Payton voices Wasabi

TJ Miller

  • TJ Miller voices Fred

Travis Oates

  • Travis Oates voices Piglet

Tom Kenny

  • Tom Kenny voices Rabbit

Michael J. Gough

  • Michael J. Gough voices Gopher

Aidan McGraw

  • Aidan McGraw voices Roo

Amelia Stanger

  • Amelia Stanger voices Lumpy

Barbara Dirickson

  • Barbara Dirickson voices The Fairy Godmother in Kingdom Hearts 3

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