Who Would Win a Cage Match Fight: Elon Musk or Johnny Depp?

Remember the excitement that occurred when Justin Bieber apparently wanted to fight Tom Cruise? Well, just like that, this will likely never happen since Elon Musk doesn’t appear to be serious about stating that he’ll meet Johnny Depp in a cage fight. But it’s fun to think about what could happen, isn’t it? Musk, who’s apparently trained in martial arts and likely thinks that he’s hot stuff in a ring, would likely do some damage to Depp, since it’s not known really if Johnny can fight or not or if he’ll go gallivanting around the ring like the character of Captain Jack that some people liken him to. But again, it’s not likely to happen considering that Musk doesn’t really take this any more seriously than he does Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s divorce proceedings, even when his name has come up a few different times. One has to wonder just when this whole thing is going to wrap up finally and stop hitting the presses, so to speak, so we can keep moving on with other stories. Of course, the same thing is usually said whenever Musk is in the news since he sounds about as interesting as the explanation he hands out when trying to explain to others how to pronounce his child’s name. All in all, though, a fight between these two would probably be fairly comical since according to an interview with Joe Rogan, Musk has ‘dabbled’ in several different martial arts, but there’s no indication of just how far he’s gone with them. Stating that a person knows martial arts when they haven’t put that much time into them is like saying you’re a plumber because you fixed the pipes under your sink once or twice. So it might be a bit more even than people are thinking.

Thinking of how certain celebrities would fair in a fight is kind of interesting when a person really thinks of it since there’s a good indication that a few of them really can fight and have been trained in very practical methods that might allow them to do some real damage. Given how many of them are in good shape and how well they take care of themselves, it does appear accurate to state that some celebrities might be able to dish out some pain, but in a ring, without their bodyguards around and without anywhere to run, things tend to become a little different since some people are bound to see this as a time to panic, while others are going to see it as an opportunity to really go nuts and let the other person have it. There are definitely a few individuals that a person wouldn’t want to get in the ring with that are famous, such as Ed O’Neill, Jason Statham, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee, Keanu Reeves, and many others. Those that have actually been training for years and keep up with their martial skills are those that are better off not being challenged by anyone. But the confidence that Musk appears to have could be a lot of bravado that comes from knowing that nothing will ever come of this. It’s been heard that Mickey Rourke wouldn’t mind stepping in the ring with Musk in Depp’s honor, but again this fight won’t happen, even if this time it feels as though Musk would really be ramping up the excuse that he either doesn’t have the time or inclination to take it seriously.

Seriously though, a lot of these actors thinking they’re tough as nails and can do some damage to each other is kind of amusing since it puts interesting images in a person’s head of how things would go down. With Depp and Musk, it might come down to Musk trying to put on some half-hearted hold or execute a kick or punch that Depp would flail and avoid, while with Musk and Rourke it feels likely that Rourke would manage to land a few pretty heavy hits on Musk to make his point felt before the billionaire decided to call it and come up with some excuse as to why he couldn’t continue. It’s a thought anyway, especially since Rourke would appear to be the only one that really wants to fight and is ready to climb in the ring and make it happen. His own feud with Robert De Niro was put on blast a short while ago and while De Niro is likely ‘too busy’ to respond that much it’s still a fun thought to wonder just how tough the old man really is as compared to how tough he thinks he is. The same applies for Musk, who could be tougher than we know, but by his own words and the fact that this will never happen is more talk and less show, at least when it comes to a good scrap. Oh, and the final answer? It would be Depp most likely since Musk might pull something while trying to go for some half-assed move he ‘dabbled’ in.

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