Why 44% of Fans Think Adam Levine Should Leave “The Voice”

If you enjoy a particular musician it’s hard to say anything against them and if you don’t like the person then it seems far too easy to say something negative. Being impartial is rarely trusted these days, but at this point it would seem that one wouldn’t need to be to say that Adam Levine should up and leave The Voice, if not for good then at least for a little while. The lead singer of Maroon 5 has received a hefty blow as about 44% of those that voted on this issue decided that it’s best that he just walk away and let leave the show to its own devices for now. The fact that he’s been there since the beginning is something to consider, but from more than one angle. It could be that he’s burned out at this point and needs a recharge. Or it could just be time to say goodbye.

There are reasons for this of course, and none of them are all that flattering. Ever since his lackluster performance at the equally lackluster Superbowl 53, Levine hasn’t exactly been on a lot of peoples’ good lists, meaning that he’s been seen as kind of an arrogant jerk and even a bit full of himself at times. Some might say that of course, this  what we expect from musicians. They work hard to earn this life and are allowed to be who they are no matter how good or bad they might act when people are watching. Honestly, those people seem perpetually high or have become sheep when it comes to their opinion of musicians, following their favorites blindly no matter how badly they act.

Levine has been seen to be kind of arrogant and even disrespectful since during the show he actually threw one of his contestants under the bus, metaphorically-speaking, when his favorite couldn’t perform due to illness. You might say that ‘no he didn’t, he was just disappointed and it showed’, but the point here is that as a public figure it doesn’t need to show that he favors certain people when he’s supposed to be looking out for all of those that are under his tutelage. That’d be like a classroom teacher saying that they favor one student over another before gladly ignoring the poorer student’s attempts to get better. As someone that people look up to he’s human without a doubt, but he’s still expected to be stronger of will and built from a stronger moral fiber than this. Perhaps we’re expecting too much from our rock stars, but then again, if they want to step into the spotlight then it’s kind of par for the course. What’s not expected is that the people that the fans make famous, and it’s true whether you or they want to believe it or not, will turn on the fans and give them a reason to turn their backs.

He’s a talented man, and there’s nothing to say that he’s not a good man, but what he shows on public TV, or what he has been showing as of late, is that he’s in dire need of a break from the show, if only to recharge his batteries perhaps and remind himself why he’s there in the first place. As of now he’s spending too much time moping and playing around to be much use to anyone. What he’s like off stage is anyone’s guess since only those closest to him would really know, but while he’s on stage the act of being a jerk and a rather arrogant host is something that’s making a lot of people question his ability to do his job, a job that pays him quite well in fact and anyone would love to take on as their own, especially given the salary. One thing that so many stars seem to be forgetting is that without the fans, they have little to no place on stage. If there’s no one to watch them, then there’s no one to pay the prices that keep things running. By showing a poor performance to your fans it seems that one would be guilty of one of the worst sins in show business, forgetting why you’re there.

People go into show business to get rich and because they have passion, not necessarily in that order but you get the point. Without the passion there’s no reason to be there, and without the skill there’s no way they’ll get there anyway. But without the connection to the fans none of it is going to do anything for them, as the fans dictate just how far a person will go with their career and how popular they can be. Without the fans there is no paycheck, and no reason to hang around. As for Adam, the fans have spoken, and it would seem that they want to see him at least take a break from the show.

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