Why All Men Should Watch “The Devil Wears Prada” Once

You won’t believe it, but men should watch The Devil Wears Prada at least once in their lives. Yes, I said it. CBS News seems to think that the importance of fashion might be key to watching this movie, and it’s hard to argue with that since there is a LOT to do with fashion in this movie, but it’s not the only reason that a man should watch this movie. To be honest I’m not enamored of it, I don’t care for Meryl Streep and I don’t always care for the movies that are dubbed ‘chick flicks’. She is a great actress, there’s no doubt of that, my own bias comes from things she’s said during awards ceremonies so let’s put that to rest right now. In terms of acting she’s great, hands down, and in this movie she’s absolutely nasty to those that don’t get out of her way quickly enough.

That’s why it’s recommended to watch this movie, since if you can get by the whole issue of what it’s about you’ll be in for some very fine acting that people on Quora actually agree makes it very watchable for men. It’s easy to see how a man that would watch this movie by choice would be ostracized by other men since it is a film that’s mostly about fashion and is very female-driven and therefore not something that many men would see as a viable film for their viewing pleasure. That’s our society like it or not, we tend to think that men who love rom-coms or chick flicks a bit funny or perhaps less of a man, when in truth those that like the chick flicks are typically those that just like them for the acting, are possibly gay and love the acting, or are just enamored of these kinds of movies plain and simple. It doesn’t matter what kind of man you are, watching this movie would be a good idea if only to gain a little bit of guidance and depth into the world of women and fashion.

It’s not a ‘how-to’ guide obviously, it won’t help you figure out just how to interact with your wife, girlfriend, or significant other, but it could be a movie that the two of you might be able to sit down and really enjoy together. There’s enough comedy, there’s enough drama, and there’s definitely enough attitude to make it worth your while and even give you the kind of laughs that would be surprising. Despite being an older movie at this point there is still plenty to love about it as Rebecca Strassberg from Backstage would tell you, and there’s a lot that you wouldn’t be too surprised by. There is a lot of femininity to the movie and there is a lot that might seem kind of awkward for men since we don’t always understand what’s going on in the world of fashion. But think of it this way, the more we understand, the better.

Yes, that’s one big reason to watch this movie at least once, to finally and possibly understand what it is that women see in the world of fashion that we either can’t or don’t want to understand. Like I said, it won’t help you understand your significant other any better, but it might give you something else to talk about and therefore something that can help to enrich your love life and possibly even allow you to really share something with your SO that can help strengthen your relationship even further. Trust me, it’s not something I would have thought of at the start and definitely not something that I would put a lot of faith in at face value, but it does seem to work since the more you understand about a woman’s mindset and why they do the things they do and think the way they do, the more they tend to appreciate the time and effort you put into trying to see things their way.

It’s not about figuring women out, it’s not even about getting a leg up on them by learning just what they like and what they enjoy talking about. It’s paying attention to something that they know you care nothing about and finding common ground that allows you to talk about it. One thing though, even if you don’t like the movie be honest about it. Be honest enough to say whether you liked it or not and if you did, what you enjoyed the most. If you didn’t like it the chances are good that your SO will still appreciate the fact that you tried, and might even like that you found interest in something they cared about. Some women don’t care for this movie to be honest, but a lot of are at least willing to see what it’s like, so guys, be a good sport and give it a shot. You might be pleasantly surprised.

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