Why Bill and Ted 3 Nixed a CGI Scene with George Carlin

You would think that the George Carlin scene that was cut from Bill and Ted Face the Music was left out because of respect, and it’s still a hope that this was at least part of the explanation. But for the most part, it was because it would have been too expensive to complete, as the CGI needed for the scenes with Rufus would have been well over budget. That’s too bad really since George Carlin was one of the best parts of the movie despite not having nearly as much screen time, but it does feel better that his part in the movie was relegated to a hologram that was taken from the footage used in the first movie. It was great to see him at all, but it did feel as though using CGI for his part would have been a mark of disrespect for such a great actor and comedian, though many might have felt differently. The idea of using CGI to bring back actors that have already passed away is kind of an iffy proposition since it allows the studios to make money on the likeness of the actors without having to pay out for it, save for the money that’s needed to utilize the technology. That just sounds shady somehow, no matter how it’s explained.

Bill and Ted Face the Music has been a movie that, so far, has been loved by many and enjoyed by others, while very few people have openly hated it. Personally, it was fun to watch, but at the same time, there’s something about aging rockers that wasn’t entirely appealing since it’s easy to think that someone could go that long without finding their life’s purpose. It happens all the time in the real world to be fair. But to be so utterly clueless your whole life feels almost wrong in a way, even if a lot of us can think of at least a couple of people we’ve known in life that are like this. There were a few parts of the movie that were great, but there were several parts that were a bit cringe-worthy as well, such as when it was discovered that Deacon, Ted’s younger brother, was marrying the same woman that both Ted and Bill’s fathers had both married at different times. Plus, the opening performance at the beginning of the movie was, well, it was enough to make a person miss the old Wyld Stallyns from the first movie. The movie was still a fun ride that finally capped off the lives of the duo and gave them the purpose they’d been meant for all along, and to find out that Rufus’s wife and daughter were in charge of the time stream was even better.

Having to find a way to utilize characters that are no longer available since the actors that played them have passed on is definitely a problem, but in a sense, it shouldn’t be that bad since to be fair, there are plenty of actors out there waiting for their shot at greatness and setting characters such as Rufus in their rightful place is only natural. Keeping their memories alive is great and paying homage to them in the movies they helped to make great is a definite plus, but otherwise, CGI needs to be kept to a minimum when bringing them ‘back to life’ in a way, since otherwise it just feels wrong that the studios are making bank on their likeness without having to think about paying up for it. Admittedly, not having Rufus there would have felt just wrong, but at the same time it feels right that he was mentioned, he was given the kind of respect he deserved, but he wasn’t pushed in a way that would have felt incredibly awkward. Roles such as Grand Moff Tarkin and young Leia Organa worked for a brief moment since, despite the cadaverous look that Tarkin had, it was just enough to help the movie he was featured in, and that was all that was needed. But trying to push the envelope when it comes to using CGI so extensively feels like it’s something that should be reconsidered.

The most paranoid explanation is that it would eventually be used to replace actors that have been dead and gone for years, which still sounds just as wrong. Many people might say that it wouldn’t be anything like this, that they simply want to see if it would work and if deceased movie stars could be brought back to life to enjoy a new lease on their careers. But again, it feels incredibly dodgy and more than a little dishonest. Thankfully Bill and Ted didn’t do this, but it’s kind of easy to wonder whether or not they would have had their budget been able to accommodate it.

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