Why Brie Larson Didn’t Get Cast in Any of the Star Wars Movies

Captain Marvel

Is anyone really that sad that Brie Larson hasn’t been seen in a Star Wars movie yet? For those that said yes it’s not for a lack of trying obviously since she’s been open about having auditioned for every one of the movies that have come out since 2015. Perhaps if she’s calmed down a bit with her feminist rhetoric it might actually happen, or it might anyway since Kevin Feige has already made it known that he might tap a big star for another Star Wars movie, and Brie is definitely up for the chance to play again. Why should she? Well, she is an Oscar winner, and she has taken on the role of Captain Marvel in the MCU, a role that she’ll be taking on again in the coming years. But why shouldn’t she be considered? After all, she is a fan and she does enjoy the movies, but again it might be that her attitude needs to change when it comes to who she’s willing to accept as critics for her movies and hopefully how female roles will be handled in any and all upcoming Star Wars movies. Like it or not the dice have been rolled when it comes to diversifying and adding in more female lead roles in various movies since Infinity War, Captain Marvel, and Endgame showed us this, but if there’s going to be true equality then the whole ‘Force is female’ idea needs to take a seat and give way to the idea that men and women can actually be equals in a Star Wars movie as it’s already been shown.

If not for Brie’s slightly caustic and still replayed idea of who should be critiquing movies, she might be considered to be one of the most talented and least controversial individuals in show business. But that one little speech at an awards show is now bound to follow her around from place to place and will be used to remind people that she’s not as fair-minded as she likes to think. Nor is she as unbiased as some would like to think. If Kevin Feige decides to use her for a Star Wars movie the hope is that she’ll tone things down and listen instead of deciding to head off towards another rant that might further alienate people and make them wonder why in the world she’s still around when she rails on and on about something she can’t personally change. One big reason why Brie Larson probably hasn’t been given a role in Star Wars is that she’s a bit hard to work with, which is a rumor, but a persistent one that has gained a lot of ground since Captain Marvel and then Endgame came out. Whether it’s true or not isn’t really the point, it’s the fact that it’s a rumor that’s been spread and is bound to make things a little difficult, particularly since Brie has made her feelings pretty clear when it comes to various ideas that she has about feminism and how Captain Marvel and even Endgame have been her attempt to push the envelope. Star Wars, or Kathleen Kennedy, would likely welcome her with open arms for this alone.

One reason to hope that she never shows up in a Star Wars movie would be the simple fact that Star Wars has already gone down the feminist path in a big way and as The Last Jedi showed, a lot of fans really didn’t care for it since the way it was presented kind of ruined the experience for them and made it known that men were either hotheaded and too impulsive old doddering hermits that had given up or aggressive and single-minded morons that shot first and asked questions later. As a contrast, women were the heroic and selfless individuals that sacrificed everything and weren’t cowed by the aggression of men and would stand firmly against them as they sought to make the galaxy a better place. Go on and try to deny it, but the recent Star Wars trilogy doesn’t have a wealth of strong men to fall back on, but bringing Brie into the mix would likely make things worse.

This isn’t a means to attack her acting, and in fact, it’s not an attack at all, it’s a hope that if she does find her way into a Star Wars movie that it will be a smaller role or something that will temper her desire to do anything that might spark a feminist blaze in the franchise that’s already been smoldering. There’s no denying that women have a firm place in Star Wars, as it’s been fun watching women take on stronger roles as of late. But there are female actors that know how to do this and tamp down the rhetoric in favor of telling a story, and then there are those like Brie that simply have to get their point across in whatever way they can.

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