Why DC’s Eclipso Deserves a Solo Movie

There are a lot of villains that are actually able to stand up to Superman and the like and even dominate him if they get the chance, but we never hear of Eclipso that often outside of the comics. To see him in a movie would be kind of interesting, don’t you think? The idea that he could be one of the man of steel’s top villains in one of the movies that it’s been rumored that Henry Cavill might come back for would be something special, but it might be so much better if he was allowed to roam on his own for a bit. A solo movie might be pushing it right from the start, but injecting him into the CW somehow could possibly allow people to get a feel for the character and discover just who he is and what he can do. Eclipso is after all one of the tougher characters in DC simply due to the nature of who and what he is, and he could be an equalizing force that would nullify some of the top heroes in a big way since his power set is amazing, but only at night. As with any hero or villain, there does have to be a balance after all, and Eclipso’s is that he’s strongest when it’s nighttime, as his corporeal form dissolves into dust in direct sunlight.

As of now it kind of feels that a lot of characters from both DC and Marvel are being looked at in order to see who might be the most useful when it comes to utilizing them in movies and TV, but it’s likely that a lot of them won’t make it that far. Eclipso could be an interesting character to watch, but of course, touting a villain as the main character isn’t unheard of, but it’s still a bit awkward given that there needs to be a hero that will stand up against them and eventually defeat them. With a villain that can actually possess other individuals though, including some of the most powerful individuals in the DC universe, it does feel as though he might be a worthy opponent to place in another Justice League movie. At this time it’s likely that if he was bound to be included in such a project that it would be highly dependent on how the Snyder Cut does this coming year. In fact, if the Snyder Cut does well enough it feels as though another Justice League movie might be a solid go since it would have been proven that people are still firmly behind Snyder and his shadow-ridden style.

Eclipso’s status and power are great enough that he should be treated as someone that’s on par, if not greater than Darkseid when he’s at full power since he was the created as the manifestation of God’s Wrath at one point and despite losing a good deal of his power, he’s still someone that can go punch for punch with Superman, which is no easy feat. But he also once came close to destroying the earth in the great flood, and he’s been able to possess superheroes on occasion and control the minds of every being within a given country. There’s no doubt that he’s powerful and can hold his own against many opponents, but it might be interesting to see a movie about his beginning if only to get to know him better. Somehow, he began to like the idea of being God’s Wrath a little too much, and as a result, he was stripped of his power and diminished in a big way. Just stripping him of power hasn’t been enough though since even after being freed from the imprisonment that was placed upon him, Eclipso has remained a power to contend with and something that is best left diminished since otherwise he could definitely take on the Justice League and stand a chance of winning.

We’ve seen a host of enemies come through to the DC stable on the CW and even in the movies, but while a number of them have been fairly powerful, this is next-level stuff since a fully-powered Eclipso is apparently capable of standing toe to toe with Darkseid, which isn’t an easy thing to do. That means that he would give any of the DC heroes a serious run and that it would likely take a team to bring him down. That kind of movie would be great, but in terms of a solo movie it does feel as though something on a streaming service would work, or perhaps something on the CW, a short, limited series that could allow people to get to know him a little better before really moving ahead with the character in a big way. After all, if no one knows the character then it’s a huge gamble to introduce them with a movie.

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