Why Denise Richards Left Real Housewives After Only 2 Seasons

It does feel that Denise Richards’ representatives might walk back the reason she’s leaving Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at some point, but it does sound as though she’s leaving largely because she had an issue with another individual on the show. If anyone is surprised or really that put out by her loss from the roster then, well, get over it since to be realistic, reality TV is one more drama show that will eventually be replaced by something else. That’s one thing that people don’t appear to realize at times, reality TV is anything but real since there is a script to a lot of shows and unscripted might mean that they’re improvising as much as possible, but it’s still a show for the most part. Trying to pin down when reality TV became such a big thing isn’t too hard but coming to the realization of why it’s still so insanely popular is kind confusing as well as frustrating given that it’s a bit hard to watch at times. There’s nothing terrible about it such as gore, violence, or foul language, though there’s typically plenty of the latter, but there is enough drama to last a lifetime, and a lot of it can be packed into a single episode most times.

What’s amazing is that Denise Richards used to be so popular since movies such as Wild Things and Starship Troopers made it appear that her career might be on an upswing that could carry her into something truly great. But then Tomorrow Never Dies happened and as you can imagine things didn’t go so well after that. She did appear in the first Undercover Brother, which turned out to be a fun and corny movie that was easy to watch, but apart from that, it’s been hard to see her as the type of big-name star that she used to be. For one reason or another her career just kind of went down the tubes, but yet she’s still popular in some circles and has obviously done well enough to sustain her desired lifestyle. There’s not much else to say since she’s been busy enough that keeping her celebrity status isn’t too hard, but she’s definitely lost a lot of the flash and pomp that used to come with her name and despite being just as present in the world of show business has kind of been a muted presence unless a person knows where to go to find her. She’s continued to star in movies and on TV so there’s nothing to say that she’s no longer working, but much like a few of her costars from Starships Troopers, she’s kept largely to movies and shows that aren’t as widely publicized and don’t draw nearly as much attention as others.

Perhaps her time on RHOBH was more of a test to see how she would do, and after two seasons it’s been established that she’s not going to get along with everyone which means that it’s time to move on. Of course, if that was any kind of test for any reality show then the cast for each show would rotate like crazy since the drama, whether it’s manufactured or not, is so intense that it’s hard to imagine just how anyone on these shows could stand each other given that there’s usually something wrong and something going on even if no one knows about it. The idea that after two seasons anyone would simply walk away isn’t difficult to accept since one episode on the show might be enough for a lot of people. Those that watch said shows would probably agree that there is a good deal of drama that goes on and even celebrities might get tired of it after a while. With the current state of the world, there’s simply too much to worry over and too many things to think about to have yet another bit of drama dropped into anyone’s lap, which is why a lot of us might give an emphatic ‘hell no’ to even think of starring in a reality show. At this point, Denise has had enough of it and just wants to move on to other projects that will likely be challenging but hopefully won’t be as pointless as arguing with other housewives that are often given ideas on how to keep the drama going and how to keep it enticing.

That’s likely the worst part of reality TV, that very little of it is real and that the only thing that is real in any sense is that the participants are physically real, as are their surroundings, even if nothing they’re discussing or talking about is bound to be realistic or even unscripted. At least a couple of the housewives have decided enough is enough.

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