Why Don’t We Have Blue Light Gaming Contacts Yet?

Blue light glasses have become an incredibly popular product in recent years, as gaming has pushed its way into the world of professionalism, and hundreds upon thousands of people around the world have made gaming their full-time job. However, this means that these people – as well as everyone else that just enjoys playing video games for hours on end – spend their day sitting at a desk, or on a couch, or wherever they are able to find a spot to game, in front of a screen (or screens) dealing damage over time to their precious eyeballs. While some companies like Glassy Eyewear have capitalized on this with products like gaming glasses, I have yet to see gaming contacts quite yet, but why is that, and why do we need gaming contacts?


I have found that gaming glasses, and I would assume glasses in general, are fairly difficult to keep clean. Sure, it’s as easy as not letting them come into contact with any sort of oil like fingerprints or food, but when you’re using these glasses specifically for gaming and other forms of entertainment, you’re more than likely going to have some snacks laying around your area, which means both fingers and food are getting close to your glasses. It’s inevitable that your fingers end up grazing across your glasses, but as long as you have a microfiber cloth to clean them, you should be fine, right? Well, yes, but I’ve even found myself getting my glasses dirtier when I clean them and after a few months, it seems like they are never as clear as they once were. I’m not exactly sure if gaming contacts would be a solution to this, because I’ve never worn contacts before, but I would imagine it’s much easier to keep them clean, as it’s a lot tougher to accidentally touch them.


For the most part, I do find that gaming glasses feel pretty comfortable. However, over the months, I’ve found myself becoming more consciously aware of the fact that they are on my face, and I need to constantly adjust them. They’ve also started to leave a mark on the sides of my nose that I’m not all that thrilled about, however, I suppose that’s pretty unavoidable for anyone wearing glasses. I feel like gaming contacts would be much more comfortable in the long run, because you wouldn’t need to worry about them leaving a mark on your face, and you can wear them with any headphones without needing to worry about whether or not they will get in the way. Though, I can imagine that gaming contacts would probably be super uncomfortable until you get used to them, as I have yet to hear anything good about contacts from people that have just started wearing them. I can also imagine that they would irritate your eyes, so I’m not sure which would actually be more comfortable.


Honestly, I’m not sure if glasses or contacts would be more practical. It seems like this would be more of a preference decision that will determine which product you would be more likely to use. Someone like me, who has never used contacts before, may be inclined to just stick with gaming glasses over gaming contacts, because it’s a lot easier to manage (put on/take off), and with contacts there is a whole process of putting them in and taking care of them – it would be a lot. However, if you’re already used to the process of contacts, then I think it would be a great option to have gaming contacts that would block out dangerous blue light from your eyes. I think that I would probably lean more towards contacts being less practical, just because there’s an actual process for using them and maintaining them rather than just putting glasses on and then taking them off when you’re done with them.

I’m still not really sure why we don’t have gaming contacts yet (at least that I’ve heard of), but it seems like there is a potential market for it, and it seems like it would be a great option for people that want to protect their eyes from their screens that may not want to sit around wearing glasses all day. I’m not sure if they would be for me, but I would definitely not be opposed to giving them a shot to see if I prefer the gaming glasses or contacts. Now, I guess we just wait for them to come around in the market, right?

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