Why Oracle Deserves a Solo Movie

There are a few movie ideas on the rise right now and superhero movies are definitely one of them. How many will be released in the year to come is hard to say thanks to the pandemic, but it does appear that Oracle should be one of them, and if not a movie then she should at least rate a TV show. For any that don’t follow DC or comic books, Oracle is the codename that was taken by Barbara Gordon not long after she was shot and paralyzed by the Joker in The Killing Joke. It does feel as though a bit of backstory might be needed for a solo movie, if Oracle was ever given one since as interesting as the character is, there’s no way to tell if she’d be worth the effort of creating an entire feature-length movie. Some might want to point out that after hanging up the cowl and cape she did manage to become even more efficient when it came to finding out secrets and helping out various super-teams, but there’s still the idea that as a character she’s pretty confined and can’t do as much, meaning that she might not be as interesting simply because it would be tough to form a movie around her unless she was seen to be a little more mobile. With all the technology that’s available these days, it’s easy to think that there might be ways for her to stay connected to her work while being on location with one team or another.

One thing that hasn’t diminished is Barbara’s intelligence, and it’s fair to say that she’s one of the smarter individuals in the DC universe and has proven it many times over since he belongs on the same list as Batman when it comes to her level of intelligence. It’s hard to say just why or how she would be slightly less intelligent than any other character since one would have to take into account every possible circumstance that would go into figuring out just where each person belongs on the list. But Barbara is definitely in the top ten and is someone that has been able to rely on brawn and brains for a while and as Oracle managed to fall back on her intelligence after being paralyzed, she became an equally important character that people came to rely on in a big way since she took a lot of the guesswork out of crimefighting at that point. This is a big reason why making a movie with Oracle as the main character could be interesting, but it would also be a little difficult.

The idea would take on the appearance of a balancing act to be certain since Oracle would need other heroes in the movie just to keep things on an even keel and make sense of things, and then there’s the question of whether or not the inciting act that left her paralyzed and would eventually get her to turn to this stage of her life would be shown or if it would simply be post-Killing Joke and the fans would have to recap on what had happened and why. The dynamics of this movie would have to be given a good amount of attention since otherwise it feels as though it might fall flat in a very big way since there are still plenty of people that don’t know that much about Oracle and why Barbara Gordon would go from being Batgirl to a techno whiz that helps other superhero teams. The movie could work, but it would need a lot of support and a very strong premise to run with since as Oracle, Barbara has done quite a bit and has still been very active when it comes to working with other heroes. The ideas that could be used for a movie aren’t limited so much to what Oracle could help with, but in stating what she could actually do it might sound insensitive but a person that’s paralyzed can’t exactly get that physical and apart from her ability to find out pretty much any secret and assist the team in her own way from a console, it could be very boring to watch her for more than a few minutes.

But maybe I’m wrong, maybe people want to see this kind of movie and would be interested in seeing what could become of Oracle on the big screen. It’s fair to say though that it might not happen, and if it did it likely wouldn’t happen for another year or so at the very least since DC does appear to have a few things working at the moment and unless someone could be tapped to direct, and then actors could be found for the movie, it could be a while until such a story materialized.

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