Why Robert Downey Jr. Made the Move from Marvel to DC for Sweet Tooth

RDJ isn’t the first individual to make the jump from the MCU to DC or DC to the MCU, especially since it’s been happening for a while now given that several celebrities have managed to make this transition. But the real motivation behind RDJ’s foray into the Sweet Tooth project is that he heard about the series and thought it sounded interesting. If anyone was wondering if it had anything to do with the fact that his character died off in Endgame then they might need to take a step back and calm down for a moment since it’s not that. There have been talks about RDJ coming back to the MCU for a brief appearance here and there or a cameo but for all intents and purposes, Tony Stark is dead and it might be his AI that lives on, but it might be that it’s time to move on from the character. Right here and now, his involvement with Sweet Tooth is due largely to the fact that he saw something that had promise and decided to run with it. The world of Sweet Tooth is already looking like something that will be fun to walk around in when the project does release and it’s also something that will give RDJ something to focus on now that his time with the MCU is either done or very limited. But the overall story of a post-apocalyptic world in which human/animal hybrids exist is bound to be something intriguing for a lot of people since it does bring up the kind of issues that people have been seeing among each other for the last several years, but to an extreme that requires an apocalyptic event to enact.

The story of a young hybrid boy making his way out into the wider world is something that’s been done before, but in this case, the boy in question is something that people tend to fear and/or suspect of causing humanity’s downfall, meaning that it’s more than unsafe for him to wander out of his home, it’s dangerous to the point that staying home might have been the better option. But as anyone should be able to guess, curiosity and the desire to learn more about one’s world have pushed a lot of people to do some very stupid and very unwise things. But that’s one of the main points of the story, after all, curiosity might not always lead to good places, but it definitely leads to adventure and a desire to find out more about the world around us and what makes it tick in all the different ways that it does. The thing about Sweet Tooth though is that it’s already sounding as though a lot of things have been changed around and other elements have been added in, so it’s fair to think that fans of the series are going to have something to say about it since like it or not, a lot of fans do manage to keep their opinions rigid to the point of not bending or even trying to entertain a compromise of ideas. There are bound to be plenty of people that will have an issue with the changes that have taken place and the additions that were apparently needed, but the hope is that a lot of them will simply shrug their shoulders and watch regardless. After all, the writer of Sweet Tooth actually sounds pleased with how things are going at the moment so it’s fair to think that if the person that created the series is happy that fans should at least give it a chance.

Fans are still waiting for the show to come out on Netflix but there isn’t too much longer to wait since it will be releasing to the streaming platform in June and as usual, Netflix is bound to release every episode at once as this is how things work. Fans that have read the entire series are no doubt going to be on the lookout for things they’ve seen and remember and are going to be putting in their two cents the entire way through the show since it’s fair to assume that as much as people think they’re open-minded, a lot of them are going to look at one aspect or another and voice their concern or how they would have done something differently considering that what they’d pictured in their head didn’t come to pass. Fans can be as finicky as they want though, that’s their right and it’s going to happen. But listening to RDJ it does sound as though Sweet Tooth might be one of the better shows that’s come around this year, if only because it’s also one that’s going to get a lot of people to think in a few different ways.

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