Why Squirrel Girl Deserves Her Own Featured Film

Squirrel Girl

If you were a true Marvel fan, you’d have to be a fan of Squirrel Girl. If you’ve never heard of her before, you should know that this strange character happens to be one of the Avengers in the comic books. Even though she started late given that she was so young around the time of Iron Man, Squirrel Girl has proven her skill and worth in the comic book series. Even with the onslaught of amazing Marvel superhero films, we seem to be lacking in solo female origin stories. We got Captain Marvel this year, but that’s only one out of a total of 22 films as listed on this article from Time. Sure, we’re getting a Black Widow origin story. But (here’s a spoiler if you haven’t watched Endgame yet), Natasha’s dead; it doesn’t count anyway.

So why should Squirrel Girl be the next female superhero feature film? Not many people have even heard of her. I know we’ve seen our share of crazy characters from the recent Marvel films–just think about Mantis, for example. Rocket also has a tail, and Groot is just, well, a tree. But squirrels and superpowers? It seems like a bit of a stretch, don’t you think? There are plenty of reasons why we believe that Squirrel Girl could amass the same fanfare as some of our favorite Marvel superheroes to date. And here are a few reasons why she deserves a good origin film to introduce her to the MCU.

1. She could be the strongest Avenger

Move aside, Thor. Someone might be stronger than you. If not stronger, she might very well be smarter. Where some have failed, Squirrel Girl has definitely succeeded. Let’s take a quick inventory of her wins, shall we? First off, with the help of her squirrels, she defeated Dr. Doom for Iron Man. According to Dailydot, she’s also defeated Thanos, Terrax, and plenty of other villains just for kicks. And here’s evidence that she’s definitely the smarter Avenger. She convinced Galactus to literally not eat the Earth–not by fighting but by mere talking. That’s skill right there.

2. She’s the Cage’s nanny

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones are no joke. They don’t take crap from anyone, and they certainly would not let their daughter, Danielle Cage, get crap from anybody either. Squirrel Girl happens to be Danielle’s nanny. And if the Cage and Jones duo could trust Squirrel Girl to take care of their daughter, then she must be something special right? Just to add to that, imagine seeing Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and their daughter on the big screen. Now imagine their daughter hanging around a teenage girl with a tail. It’s fascinating just to think about.

3. She’s got her own team

Now that the old Avengers are kaput, it’s time for a new Avengers team to form. There wouldn’t be too much to think about here if only Squirrel Girl could have her own feature film. As it turns out, Squirrel Girl already has her own team of superheroes: the Great Lakes Avengers. The name might need some work, but building up this storyline might be interesting and slightly comedic. Who wouldn’t want to see Doorman and Flatman come to life, after all?

4. She’s got squirrels and powers

One of Squirrel Girl’s powers is the ability to communicate with squirrels. This has helped her defeat plenty of villains. But more than that, Squirrel Girl is essentially a melting pot of superpowers. Let’s start with her prehensile tail. According to Wikipedia, Squirrel Girl’s tail allows her to grasp onto things, as she needs to. She also happens to be incredibly strong. She’s got the agility to jump from tree to tree much like a squirrel would do. Her heightened reflexes allow her to be quick, and her sense of vision is acute even in low-light conditions. Squirrel Girl also happens to know how to fight in hand-to-hand combat. If you aren’t impressed at this point, you should also know that she donned an Iron Man modular armor at one point in the comic books.

5. She’s just a college student

The normalcy of Squirrel Girl’s life outside of being a superhero is just fascinating. It reminds us of Peter Parker in some sense, except with a girl’s perspective. Fandom.com says that Squirrel Girl aka Doreen Green is a Computer Science major at the fictional Empire State University. She lives in a small apartment and has a roommate named Nancy. She’s just trying to get by in life while balancing the superhero and the student side. She’s got to make good grades and help save the day at the same time. It would make for a good film plot to see Squirrel Girl handle her life appropriately.

6. She’s a good role model

Squirrel Girl is exactly the opposite of Deadpool, and her creators intended for it to be that way. Squirrel Girl was meant to be a nod to Marvel’s silver age of superhero writing, when the characters were more geeky and less Deadpool-y. She’s the kind of superhero you’d want your daughters to emulate. Squirrel Girl is as positive as could be. She’s also got a realistic and modest physique, which was the intention of artist Erica Henderson when she drew Doreen. Already, actresses such as Sara Purser (Stranger Things) have expressed interest in playing the role. She’s as normal as normal could be, even with her unexplainable tail. Squirrel Girl is exactly the kind of superhero that teenage and younger girls should aspire to be. It helps if there’s a feature film for reference, but we could only make suggestions at this point.

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