Why Tales From the Crypt Needs a TV Resurrection

There are plenty of reasons why Tales from the Crypt should be brought back to TV, and all of them equate to the same thing “it’s good TV”.  Some might want to disagree and that’s okay, a lot of us might actually want to state that daytime soap operas are ridiculous and should be taken off. That obviously doesn’t make us right, but everyone has their favorite type of entertainment and Tales is obviously great for those that happen to love a good scare added in with some good old-fashioned laughter that makes fun of pain, despair, and an otherwise depressing situation. In other words, Tales is the kind of show that allows you to laugh at things that might otherwise be too horrifying to really get into. If anyone’s ever watched Tales from the Crypt there have been plenty of episodes that are absolutely hilarious despite the fact that they’re so horrific in nature. The movies that have come out have been kind of ‘meh’ in several regards, but it’s a case of ‘to each their own’ since some horror fans have absolutely loved them. The story behind Demon Knight was actually kind of appealing even if the movie could have used a lot of help. But one thing that’s great about Tales is that it has a truly self-deprecating sense of humor and doesn’t take itself too seriously, as the famed crypt-keeper will do just about anything for a laugh. If there’s one reason that I would personally state when it comes to bringing this show back, it would be that among the many shows on TV, Tales from the Crypt is great for fans of horror and comedy, making it a little more diverse and versatile when it comes to the programming.

Sure it’s kind of disgusting, that’s a big part of the show after all since it is a horror-based program and as such the shows are going to be a little sick and twisted in nature, but that’s definitely something that people are wanting to see when it comes to this. There have been a few horror-based shows throughout the history of TV, but not a lot of them have ever really done all that well for an extended period of time. There have been a few that have managed to gain a large fan base, but Tales is one of those that feels like it pulls from just as much of a comedic source as it does a horror-laden one since in it pokes fun at itself quite often. That’s one of the draws of it however, as having a sense of humor when it comes to horror isn’t always absolutely necessary, but it can help in a big way since otherwise the horror in Tales might be kind of intense if it was meant to be so insanely serious. Kayleena Pierce-Bohen of Screenrant has a different opinion that might be of interest. Of course some of the humor is fairly stupid and a worthy of an eye-roll, but it’s all a part of the show that people grew used to for a while. If not for the humor this show might not be as enjoyable as it was.

Bringing it back at this point would be kind of difficult it feels since there’s no telling if people really want their horror to be funny or in any way comical, though to be certain some people have that twisted sense of humor that makes this kind of show so much more fun. It might meet a bit of resistance depending on where the showrunners would want it to land, as there are those channels that are more suited to accept something like this and those that would be less of a good fit. HBO Max might be a good idea for something like, as HBO has a long history of taking on a number of different shows and movies that vary in content and how they’re presented to the public. HBO is after all where Tales was featured from 1989 to 1996, an impressive run that saw quite a few episodes. Some of them were kind of funny and others were just disturbing since the tales varied in content and delivery, but always delivered some kind of twist that was kind of eye-catching and acted as an ‘aha’ moment near the end. There were times when it followed the expected horror tropes, but then others when it flipped the script and really surprised the viewers.

One of the biggest reasons that the show needs to be brought back is that despite the programming that’s on TV right now, people just need to laugh and be scared again and unplug from the horrors of the world for a moment every now and again. Even if it’s just for an hour at a time every other evening it would be a worthwhile effort to give folks something to talk about the next day, even if it would be trivial and not worth much more than the entertainment value. It would still be worth it. Ian Sandwell and Justin Harp of DigitalSpy have something else to say on the matter.

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