Why Thandie Newton Said Working with Eddie Murphy was “Really Sad”

Had Thandie Newton commented upon JUST Tom Cruise or JUST Eddie Murphy when it came to working with either man it feels as though her words might be a little easier to understand and even empathize with. But whether it’s the media taking her out of context or Thandie just appearing to have an issue with her costars at one point or another, it sounds as though the problem isn’t really with the costars at this point, but with her entire perspective on the filming process. When it came to her description of that it was like to work on the Mission: Impossible 2 movie one might have thought that Cruise was being a bit of a jerk. However, Thandie went so far as to state that he was extremely intense and that she actually felt that it was her fault, that she was being difficult and didn’t belong in the movie, and that this caused Cruise to be so anxious and revved up. This time around though, on the set of the cult classic Norbit, Thandie apparently had an issue with how little Eddie Murphy was really on set, as she was looking forward to working with him. Plus, the idea of ‘jumping through hoops’ sounds just a bit silly since someone asking her if she could be funny isn’t really being challenged, it’s a pretty straightforward concern when one is taking a leading role in a comedy. While Norbit was a financial success but a failure according to the critics, the movie did go on to become a cult classic that people still enjoy.

But the idea that Murphy was likely a busy man and had a stand-in playing him for a good part of the movie sounds like something that Thandie should have known was going to happen. Where Cruise was too intense, Murphy was absent. In this manner, it does start to sound as though Thandie might be the type to start talking a bit when things don’t go her way. In all fairness that might not be the case, but two accounts in two different movies detailing a difficulty that she felt when dealing with a costar tends to suggest that the issues described don’t lie with the costars, but with the person that is doing the most talking. It’s very possible that the difficulties she’s detailed are very real and that she had to find her way around them, but after all this time for this to come out is kind of odd, especially given that both movies have been circulating for some time. It’s not uncommon to hear that actors have an issue here and there when working with their costars, but at the same time, it’s hard to take people seriously at times when matters such as those being brought up by Thandie are analyzed and touted out to the public. Tom Cruise being intense and anxious and Eddie Murphy being absent and kind of distant on a film set aren’t exactly difficulties that pull at the old heartstrings, but obviously they’re concerns that some would consider are worthy of note.

Obviously some actors have a lot to say after being in the business for so long, and as it tends to build up, their outlook on show business tends to give them the kind of insight that at times takes the form of what amounts to a great deal of gossip that is great for selling magazines and for interviews on celebrity talk shows but ends up sounding silly otherwise. There’s no desire to downplay her time on other movies, but there is the idea that things weren’t always quite as bad she makes out, at least not when it came to her costars acting in a certain manner. Had either man been inappropriate then this article would be taking on a very different tone, and thankfully that’s not the case. But as far as memories and the detailing of her time on each set go, this really sounds as though Thandie had more an issue than either of her costars. While it’s something to be taken seriously and with some thought as to how she felt, it’s also something that a person can possibly think is less of a serious issue and can be easily classified as gossip that a lot of people might want to hear but can easily dismiss later on. While Thandie has been building a career and a reputation that’s been absolutely impressive throughout the years, it’s obvious that just like a lot of other celebrities she’s bound to have her fair share of gossip that might not be as important to some folks, but is just good enough to land on the radar of many others. It’s hard to say that it’s completely newsworthy, but obviously enough people care about it that it’s become a hot topic.

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