Why The Animated Show Isaura Should be on Your Radar

It’s commendable when a person really looks at the point of Isaura since the show is going to look heavily into the pollution that the ocean is suffering through and might even provide a solution in its own way, within its own universe of course. But the young girl, Isaura, is apparently gifted an armband that allows her to communicate with sea turtles and survive underwater, which is of course one of the main points of the show apparently. This is an idea that feels as though it needs a bit more fleshing out at the moment, but from the animation and the story we’ve been given thus far, it does appear that this might be a good show to keep on the radar. There’s no telling when it will come out at this point, but the fact that it’s even in production is enough to be aware of it and wait for the moment when it is announced when and where it will be released. Greater diversity in animated shows is almost always a positive thing since we tend to get different perspectives and feelings from different cultures concerning issues that a lot of us know about and talk about at length, but can’t appear to figure out when it comes to any lasting solution. A magical armband might not be the final solution for any world other than a fictional one, but the idea is still sound and is good enough to keep people entertained while keeping them aware of what our world is going through.

There might be those that will roll their eyes and wonder just why we need to keep harping on the idea that pollution is that big of a deal, but the truth is that finding it in an animated show is kind of bothersome at times, but it’s no less important since the problem is real. Awareness of the issue is something that can be expressed through many different methods, but when using an animated series it becomes a little more entertaining while still getting the point across. A lot of us might wish that there were some great, final solution, or at least a viable one that might help to reduce and reuse the refuse that we heap upon this world by the ton, but as of yet people haven’t found a way. There have been plenty of ideas and plenty of commentary on the matter, and much of it is coming from a very good place since people do want to be more active in trying to reduce the waste that we cause and the problems that arise from our continued dumping and misuse of the world around us.

It’s not yet seen how, but Isaura might be able to come up with a way to stop the dumping in her own series, or perhaps a way to keep the problem from getting worse. It will be interesting to see no doubt since the ability to communicate with sea turtles, and some big ones to be certain, could be an interesting ability considering that turtles can live for a while and likely have a long memory. The implication there is that generations of sea life will no doubt recall when the dumping began, or at least when it started reaching problematic levels that affected their health. Whether they’d think of it in terms that a human could understand is hard to say, but one thing is clear when looking at this trailer, and that’s the fact that Isaura might not be a fully-fledged hero, but she’s going to be an important figure all the same and it’s likely that her series will go into her life in a big way to explain who she is and what’s happened to her. Among the many movies and shows that are depicting the world around us and how we’re essentially failing at our job of maintaining it, this is one that might be able to get people to pay attention for more than a few minutes, or at least that’s the hope. The only downfall of such shows is that people get tired of being preached to, even if the show is more than a little entertaining. It worked with the show Captain Planet for a while until the show lost the faith of the audience and things kind of went sideways. People get tired of having the idea that their world is being torn down around them, no matter how it’s delivered to them.

With that in mind, Isaura is still a show that should be able to entertain those willing to take a look since the animation does look quite impressive. If nothing else it could be a pleasing series for children as well as adults, and it might be worth it if people learn something in the process.

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