Why The Irregulars Was Canceled at Netflix

Well, it sounded like a good idea at least. A Victorian-era story about a group of street kids that were working with Sherlock Holmes and Watson to solve crimes did sound like it might have had some promise, but with a B grade it apparently didn’t pass muster and, as a result, has been canceled. It would be great to say that this is a new development over at Netflix, but as great as the streaming network is, the reputation it’s gained by canceling various shows after one or two seasons hasn’t been the best. The problem with some shows is that people aren’t always willing to take the risk of investing in them emotionally, but sadly this habit of canceling shows is one of the biggest reasons, which means that a vicious cycle has been created when it comes to trying to push new ideas to the fans. No one wants to get too attached to a show that might end up being canceled after the first season, and therefore some folks, obviously more than a few, might avoid the show altogether and not even bother giving it a chance. That might sound like a bit of a stretch since it could be that the show doesn’t always come off as great as the trailers make it look, but the idea that people simply aren’t into the story is valid, but it’s a lesser explanation since some people do enjoy surfing Netflix to find something that they can watch and be entertained by, and this usually does mean that they’re willing to at least try getting into one show or another to see if it will fit with what they enjoy. It might help if Netflix adopted the idea of releasing one episode at a time like several other streaming sites, as the opportunity to binge-watch is sometimes more of a negative than a positive.

Oftentimes releasing one episode at a time can get people hooked and keep them coming back since they want to know what’s going to happen and how the story will continue. But it’s already been discussed why Netflix has such a high turnover rate, and a lot of it has to do with cost. If a show is pulling in enough to make it worth keeping around then it’s likely that cancelation won’t happen, but if it doesn’t, well, we see what happens. It doesn’t sound fair, but when it comes to business and life in general, a lot of things aren’t fair and unless one is willing to put up the kind of money that’s needed to run a show, then there’s nothing else to say. The power that the fans have to bring shows and movies to life is an illusion as people should know by now, since if a studio is interested enough in a project, either its creation or continuation, then it’s fair to say that they’ll make it happen. All the caterwauling and petitions in the world aren’t about to pay the bills that come with creating something so expensive, and it would appear that The Irregulars, however good of an idea it might have been, wasn’t worth the cost or the upkeep. People might not like it, and they probably don’t, but the overall result is that Netflix is going to cut what it feels won’t work after the first or second season, and move on to the next project. The idea that people can’t understand this isn’t hard to grasp, since many people simply want to be entertained and will gripe about the matter until they find another show to watch.

That sounds pretty cynical, doesn’t it? That might be the case, but it’s far more truthful than a lot of people are willing to admit since once one show is gone, people either stop watching TV for a while or they find the next program to enjoy. They might grumble a bit about how their favorite show could have stuck around a bit longer, a lot of us have done this, but the point is that people will find something else that can keep their attention. Yes, people are really that predictable sometimes. Netflix is a streaming giant for a lot of reasons, but one of them is that it seeks to make money, not spend it on every other project it hosts or creates. It’s a bit callous, there’s no doubt of that, but the business is something that relies on moving forward and carrying with it the shows and movies that are greasing the tracks so that it can keep gliding. The moment a show can’t pull its own weight it’s bound to get cut, no matter how people feel about it. To be fair, it could happen to any show, especially if people stop watching.

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