Why The Show “American Beauty Star” Is Good for Television

You might think that calling a reality show good for TV is kind of mind-boggling since a lot of them are pure pap and dreck designed to take up time on a network and not much else but American Beauty Star is one of those that might be an eye-opener for many. Yes it’s filled with a lot of drama and contestants that tend to swear at one another and get stressed out as they go about trying to make their fashions, hairstyles, and makeup look absolutely fabulous, but it’s also got an advantage over a lot of other shows on TV in that it’s what people want to know. Some of you might be rolling your eyes and looking away by now but you know very well that a lot of people, not just women, will want to see this show for the same reason that DIY-obsessed individuals might watch Backyard Envy or some other home show. After all it does help to gain tips and hints on how to do things from those that are professionals.

Here’s just a few reasons why TV might need this show.

To be honest it’s not the best show to aspire being on.

That being said it’s also a great show to aspire to be on simply because telling someone that it’s not the best means that their interest will be piqued just a little more since people are curious creatures by nature and tend to want to find things out for themselves. With that in mind some people might check the show out and never watch it again, while others will watch in rapt attention as they try to figure out just how to emulate the artists they’re watching on TV. It’s addictive, as a lot of people can admit, when you start watching a show that grabs at you in any way and doesn’t want to let go. In this manner people might actually learn something from the show, or they’ll at least become addicted enough to keep tuning in and therefore boost the ratings just a bit more.

It does show how hard work and dedication can lead to a fantastic career.

In some way it does at least since a lot of the show seems to be people running around trying to get everything to look right and freaking out about how much time they have and what they still have to do. But the glamour and the overall drama that’s shown is just a byproduct of actually doing the work to get there and show what the contestants can do. There are a large number of people that start their love for cosmetology and fashion at a young age and it pays to show them something like this to let them know just what they’re aspiring to be. For those that still remain in love with this type of world after watching a few episodes it could instill the kind of drive they need in order to really push themselves to the limit and make something out of their lives. It’s a cutthroat world in fashion as it’s been said, but the fame and notoriety seem to be worth it.

The show grants the audience a wide swath of drama that they absolutely love.

For the show it’s all about the audience. It generally takes a show that is able to get the audience’s attention with a firm slap to the side of the head, metaphorically speaking, or shocks them entirely with something unexpected, to really keep them watching. Audiences love to watch drama unfold even if they say they don’t. It’s like a drug in some ways, it grips people and forces them to watch as they pick their favorite cast members and then watch to see what happens to them as each episode rolls by. That kind of attention can’t be bought since some people get so invested in these shows that they carve time out of their day just to spend on the show and will gladly watch their favorites over and over. If those watching are dreaming of one day breaking into the business then it’s even better since the show gives them a great deal of inspiration and entertainment at the same time.

Quite honestly this is a show that you really have to get into in order to really understand and like with that kind of passion, but it does seem as though it’s one of those that is custom-made for TV and is even good for the ratings that networks want so badly. It’s usually hard to justify the necessity of a reality show since most of them are simply awful to some degree, but this one seems engaging enough that it might be worth the trouble. At the very least it’s something for people to watch.

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