Why The Show “Away” Doesn’t Need Another Season

Sometimes a good one and done is all that’s really needed since Away is a decent show, but it feels like keeping it going at this point might just drag the story out, even if it’s only been one season. This story almost feels as though it could have been built up just a bit more in order to create a need for a second season or perhaps given eight seasons instead of ten to start with. There are a number of factors that make it sound feasible to ask that Away be left as it is, but it’s far more likely that it will be continued without any regard for how the story might go and how flat it might eventually fall. This might sound a bit cynical, but the fact that so many stories that end up with traveling through space to reach this or that destination usually end up feeling the same way in a lot of instances, especially since there always appear to be disasters that, realistically, can’t always be planned for since Murphy’s law tends to take effect no matter how foolproof the plans are. Human error is still a very big factor in anything, and the fact that human emotions are going to come into play is another hurdle that a lot of people don’t tend to bank on that often, as many people appear to think that this can be worked through in some way.

Away could have just as easily been a movie and been just as good, to be honest, but for one reason or another it was given the small screen treatment and as a result, it feels as though the tale might not have much valuable play left in it. Some might want to argue with this, but the whole idea of reaching Mars has been accomplished, feelings have been admitted both on the mission and back on earth, and it’s become a soap opera in a very small amount of time since the general feeling is that it does have all the elements of a soap opera that takes place on earth and in space, even if that’s not how it’s classified. There are some shows and movies that deal with space that people genuinely want to see more of, and then there are those that turn into something that might not have been fully intended but is still very much something that happens. This has happened to many shows as the story starts to lean into relationships between certain characters and the budding dynamic that takes place between those that weren’t meant to be together but, due to circumstance and sometimes proximity, tend to grow close, or at least find that there is an attraction of some sort. Humans are social creatures more often than not, and even a trip to space isn’t going to change that.

It does sound as though the plan was always to make multiple seasons, but at this time it’s not for certain just what will happen, but those in charge are hopeful to bring this show back for another season or two. It does feel that they might find a little difficulty in really creating a story that will be as engaging as the first season since one thing that is evident with some shows is that if the first season is considered great, then the second season is bound to trip a bit since the challenge of trying to live up to the first season or outdo it, is often seen to be too much of a roadblock to success. There have been plenty of times when the second season has done far better than the first, but with Away it almost feels as though it might not be the best idea in the world, simply because the story should have been made into a feature movie in order to get the main points across and possibly eliminate the rest. As of now though the mere fact that it’s been mentioned might mean that season two will happen since the studio likely thinks that there’s more money to be made.

That’s one of the most basic reasons why movies and TV shows are made and are brought back since the studio knows that people will pay to watch them. So long as folks are willing to think that there’s a worthwhile story there then they’ll line up to watch, thinking that there’s something more to tell. To be entirely truthful there’s always a story to tell, but whether or not it’s going to be something that people will want to see is the question. People devote their time to following the patterns and the trends that forecast which shows will be popular and which won’t, and even then they tend to get it wrong. This time around it might be wise to recognize a one and done and move on.

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