Why the Show ‘Fast N’ Loud’ Can Last Forever

FAst N Loud

‘Fast N’ Loud’ is a reality television series that first aired on the Discovery Channel on June 6, 2012. This series features Richard Rawlings and his team at the Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas. The team takes rusty old cars and transforms them into stunning vehicles. The refurbished cars are then sold to the highest bidder. ‘Fast N’ Loud’ is now in its fifteenth series, which premiered on July 8, 2019. So, what attracts viewers to this program, and does it have the potential to last forever.

Entrepreneur Richard Rawlings is one of the main reasons why people love this show. Not only does he really know his stuff when it comes to cars, but he is also an entertaining character to watch. There are times in the series when he shows off his fun sense of humor, and others when he demonstrates his serious side and his commitment to the business. On other occasions, viewers have seen him losing his temper. How he reacts and deals with different situations is compelling viewing.

It is also interesting to watch the rest of the team at work. How they interact with each other in and out of the work environment adds an extra element of interest to the series. Each of the team has their own unique personality and different areas of specialism in relation to the renovation of cars. Sometimes viewers see how well the team works together and how they use the combination of their individual strengths to get the job done. At other times, viewers see conflict arise as members of the team disagree about the best way in which to proceed with the restoration.

Aaron Kaufman is considered second in command after Rawlings in the team, so he has featured a lot in this series over the years. For this reason, he is one of the most popular cast members in this series. However, he is not the only stand-out member of the team. One of the viewers’ favorites is Christie Brimberry. She is far more than a token girl on this series, as she is one of the most talented mechanics in the team and she helps to keep the business in order. This makes her a fantastic role model for young women who watch the series.

These different areas of specialism and the different processes that take place during restoration are also educational in several ways. First, viewers who are car enthusiasts can learn about the different techniques that are used to fix specific problems or to restore a vehicle to its former glory. This may inspire them to take on a vehicle renovation project themselves. A further reason why viewers find this show educational is that they can learn about the different makes and models of cars. They can find out about the history of different models and problems that are associated with each make. Viewers can also learn about some rare models that are hardly ever seen, and about the values of different cars.

The value of a car also plays an important part in the suspense and excitement element of the series. When the cars are first shown, their poor state means that they have a very low value. Once all the work is complete, the value is raised significantly. It is fun to watch exactly how much the cars are worth once the restoration is complete and how much bidders are willing to pay for the cars at auction.  Although this series predominantly appeals to those who are passionate about cars, it will also appeal to those who are interested in business. Aside from filming the team fixing the cars, the series also focuses on the business side of things. Viewers can see Rawlings’ rather unconventional ways of conducting his business and learn how he has become so successful.

‘Fast N’ Loud’ has consistent viewing figures across the fourteen seasons for which it has already aired, as fans of the series continue to tune season after season. This alone is enough reason to encourage the network to continue renewing the series indefinitely.  Another factor that shows the popularity of this series is that it made it onto the New York Times 50 TV shows with the most Facebook likes list. Not only was it amongst the top 50 TV series, but it is was also the show on the list that was most favored by men. The survey statistics showed that 83 percent of Facebook likes for this show had come from men.  Common Sense Media says that this series is suitable for both teens and adults, and this diverse fanbase is another reason why this series has the potential to produce many more season in the years to come.

The popularity of a series right now is not the only factor to take into consideration when determining if a series has a future. It is also important to look at the future potential of the show, such as whether there is enough scope for interesting content to continue attracting viewers. There is plenty of scope for further development of this series. For example, there are many models of cars that have not yet appeared in the series and there is the potential for special episodes. Furthermore, there may be new members of the team in the future, and this could create new interest.

Overall, this show has the potential to last forever. The interesting characters, the wide fan base, and the varied content are all reasons that make this show so appealing to watch. There is definitely some scope for this series to continue to develop and to provide viewers with ongoing entertainment. Discovery Channel has not revealed how long they intend to keep this series going beyond the current series, but nor have they indicated that they are planning to cancel it any time in the future.

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