Why The Show “Schooled” Won’t Live up to The Goldbergs

Let’s put it in this manner: most spinoffs don’t normally do quite as well as the shows that spawned them. That might seem like a bold statement but when describing Schooled and The Goldbergs it would seem that such an idea isn’t going to be contradicted. There’s nothing to say that Schooled won’t develop its own fan base and therefore become something that people want to see more of, but the idea that any spinoff is going to be just as popular is something that has yet o be proven on a continual basis. Throughout the history of the American sitcom this has been the case, and there are a few reasons for it.

Let’s talk about just a few.

The original series usually sets the stage and closes out in impressive fashion.

Everything that the spinoff can be usually rests on the success of the original show. If the show is a flop then there may very well never be a spinoff since the producers might figure that things bombed so bad that trying to play it off as though this was the staging ground for something better wouldn’t be something that people are willing to accept. That being said, if the original is a big hit it usually ends up raising the bar to a level that the spinoff has to meet and then exceed. In this case the challenge that’s laid down is something that isn’t quite fair since it’s like a younger sibling trying to outdo their older sibling in terms of greatness. It’s very possible, but the very act of trying to do it lessens the spinoff since it indicates that it can’t stand on its own without having to compare to the original. While the spinoff might actually be something great on its own, people are still going to be thinking that it’s trying to measure up to the original in some way, therefore raising their expectations and in effect setting a standard for a show that might not be feasible.

Spinoffs usually try to go bigger, better, or at least add in memorable cast members in an attempt to match up.

When in doubt add cast members, right? It’s not an exact science and not a fair comment but it does seem to happen when it comes to spinoffs since the show does need a little push just to get going at times. The one great thing about adding in known actors that have been proven in the past is that it does give the show a little more credibility and could possibly help it to get the ratings that are needed to stick around for an extended period of time. That being said though it’s also seen as a move made out of desperation at times since it shows that the producers don’t have a lot of faith in the story to pick just anyone. While it could have to do with the fact that people think that big-name actors or at least well-known faces could bolster the ratings it’s also a very sure indication that things are not expected to go the way that those in charge want them to.

People get tired.

You can go ahead and admit it, once you’ve reached the endpoint with your favorite show you’re a bit worn out and exhausted. You’ve been through the trials and tribulations with the show and the characters and you’re emotionally spent in a way that’s inherently different from the real world. But at the same time you might see a spinoff coming from the show and think that it might be worth a look. A lot of people will stick with the spinoff even if it’s not that great since it’s a part of their favorite show in a way and they want to stay loyal to it. But the loyalty card is something that wears thin very quickly since spinoffs are not the original no matter how much a person wants to believe in the connection. Characters from the original show might pop in from time to time, but apart from this it’s a new show with new characters and new issues to get invested in. Some people are simply too tired by the end to start over again.

There’s nothing to say that Schooled will be terrible, but thinking that it will be as good or better than The Goldberg’s is expecting a lot since it seems to be sticking with a few ideas but going off on its own as it should. The average spinoff isn’t bound to go in the direction that many people think, but will instead decide to create something new. Some folks might like this and might even look forward to a new emotional journey to come. But thinking that Schooled will be as good or better is something that kind of lies in the opinion of the audience.

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