Why We Don’t Want Jason Momoa to Be Wolverine

It seems like Kevin Burwick from MovieWeb would love to see Jason Momoa take on the role of Wolverine, as would the fans. In fact even Jason would love the chance to play the most popular X-Man as he’s said, but there’s a reason or two why this might not be a good fit. For one thing a lot of people are still hung up on Hugh Jackman being the ideal Wolverine since he played the character for so long and became the iconic character in a way that didn’t allow for a lot of people to look elsewhere. The fact that Jackman has stated that he’s no longer going to play the role of Wolverine on the big screen has a lot of fans hyperventilating since Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds has hinted that he’d like nothing more than to see his character team up with the clawed mutant and see what might come of it.

There’s even been some talk of making Tom Hardy into the next Wolverine as David Pountain of We Got This Covered has stated. Whether or not anything will come of that is hard to say but one thing is clear, Momoa should probably stick to Aquaman or find another hero that he could take on. The fact that he grew up liking Wolverine is great and there’s no doubt that he would play the part fairly well, but as people are starting to get pickier and pickier about the adherence to source material it might be time to finally find someone that can adhere a little better to the famous mutant in terms of size. If you didn’t know already, Jason Momoa is 6’4″, while Tom Hardy is 5’9″. According to the comics Wolverine is only 5’3″, which makes a lot more sense considering that his nemesis, Sabretooth, who is 6’6″ and heavily muscled, is always calling him ‘runt’. Now if Momoa would consent to playing the villain in a Wolverine movie, obviously Sabretooth, then perhaps something could be done. He certainly has the ferocity and the animal fury that would be needed for the character and, no offense to the two men that have played the part in the past, but it almost seems as though Jason might be a great deal more ferocious on screen when it comes to a part like this.

Just imagine, Hardy as Logan and Momoa as Victor Creed, the two of them tearing at each other in a movie that’s not so much an origin story as it is a return to Weapon X and a better re-telling of their intense hatred for each other. The origin that brings them together as brothers wasn’t the worst but it certainly didn’t pan out that well since it became one of the most ridiculed X-Men movies ever. But give them a story in which the two are well quite of Weapon X, have been on the loose for a while, and possibly have been steering clear of each other for a bit and it might be interesting. In fact if Ryan Reynolds consented to bring Deadpool into the matter it might even be better since the crossover would be insanely welcomed it would seem since Wolverine, Sabretooth, and Deadpool do have history together in the comics, but it’s never been fully explained in the movies no matter what X-Men: Origins-Wolverine showed us. This time around we’d hopefully get an R-rated movie that would allow each one of them to tear into each other as has happened in the comics, with healing factors allowing each of them to inflict the kind of damage that has kept things interesting in the comics for a long time now.

But if there’s any reason why Momoa shouldn’t take on the role of Wolverine it’s simply because of his size, at least from our perspective. Jackman did such a great job with the hero that no one questioned it for years apart from those that made a mental side-note for later. But in this day and age accuracy is appreciated, and even while Hardy is about a half a foot taller than the comic book character, it’s better than being a full foot taller since it opens up a lot more room for accuracy and could possibly introduce Momoa as an iconic villain, seeing as he’s already played the role of an iconic hero at DC. As Victor Creed it does seem as though he would excel since he has the build, the height, and the absolute ferocity that is needed when he does get into his character. As for anyone stating that Creed was a blond in the comics, keep on remembering that while you recall that so was Aquaman, and that he was about as white as they get in the comics and in the cartoons.

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