Why We Love Chris Rock Doing a Saw Spinoff Film

Chris Rock Pookie

Even the stars have their favorite movies and this kind of proves it since Chris Rock, who is an avid fan of saw according to Dave McNary from Variety, is pushing to bring a Saw spin off to life. Right about now there might be some people shouting for joy and some people covering their eyes wondering when the shock value horror is going to stop, but hey, we’ve all got our opinions. Saw has been an American institution now for a while and the horror it brings is so fascinating and so shockingly realistic at times that one can’t help but wonder if any psycho killers out there have ever considered making this movie into a real-life experience. Thankfully there are enough plot holes in the story to make sure that no one is quite so foolish, but the horror of it all is still enticing enough for a lot of people to think ‘what if’.

Considering that Rock has been an award-winning comedian for so long it’s kind of interesting to think of how a spin off to the Saw franchise would go largely because, well, being a comedian he doesn’t exactly seem like a horror buff. But that being said, Jeff Sneider from Collider and many others would gladly remind us that he’s been a writer for a while as well and knows just what people want to see and what they’ll respond to the best. That alone seems like it’s worth taking into account since being a fan and being able to gauge a crowd are huge assets for any performer that wants to be successful in the business. While there’s obviously no release date planned since things are still moving towards the conceptual phase it does seem fair to say that anything coming from the Saw franchise will be inordinately twisted and unmistakably gory since those are among the biggest appeals that the story has offered up throughout its history.

Back when the first Saw came out there were a lot of people that were still content to sit on the fence as to how good it really was and how far it could possibly go. An ordinary man creating traps and punishing people for their iniquities was a new one for a lot of folks, but while the first movie was innovative and definitely shocking the movies that came after were more of the same, despite the fact that the traps became far more elaborate and in many cases much harder to watch when they were put into motion. The overall morality of the film has been tested time and again and it’s come down to who wants to live and who believes that they have the better claim on the moral high ground than others. Obviously the most moral person hasn’t always won the day, but the brutality that so many have been subjected to seems to be justified in a horrible and undeniable fashion. Admit it, sitting through the movies you want to claim to be a humanitarian that cares about the lives that are being taken, but when some of these victims’ lives and sins are laid bare you might actually shrug your shoulders and say ‘meh’ as they get sliced and diced. If you don’t and you care about all of them then good on you, you’re a decent person. If you shrug your shoulders then you acknowledge that it’s just a movie and you’re part of the normal crowd that just wants to see some movie gore and a few shocking moments that a lot of movies don’t dare show.

That’s the appeal though, the lengths to which the Saw movies were willing to go and the amount of human suffering that was shown throughout each one. For some odd reason, people are turned on to the idea of others enduring excruciating pain and agony. They’re not exactly turned on BY it, but they are certainly attracted to the idea that the human body and psyche being placed under assault by a madman is a form of entertainment that is good fun and worth the money. Chris Rock has obviously seen this and decided to push forth his idea that people will want to see something similar, and it could be that he’ll be proven absolutely right.

A lot of people are going to be watching intently to see when this new idea might come out and will likely stay glued to their screens and social media in an attempt to learn whatever they can. The idea that something like Saw could be coming to the big screen is enough for many gore fans to start licking their chops and prepare themselves for another round of absolute carnage that will have viscera flying in all directions and hearts pumping a mile a minute, just watch.

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